Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Q. What's more important today than all holidays, everything and everyone?

What's better than the stuff you do down here, believer? Hint.

Altogether lovelier than most lovely, You are altogether Worthy, altogether more wonderful than wonderful to me. Feelin' grateful--thanks for bein' there, God!

Q.  What's more important today than all news, than all evangelism and discipleship Ministry? Facebook.com/shareJesus  .. Yeah what's more imperative than fellowshipping with your brothers and sisters, more important than  Church attendance and working in your Father's Vineyard? 

It's this. Taking the time to minister to the Lord Himself. You were made for the praise of His glory. 

You are a peculiar people believers. You are a planned, carefully fashioned, valued, and designed person for the sincere praises, biblical hymns, spiritual songs, psalms, and pedal to the metal worship I love you Lord. 

You are here for passionate, intimate and personal blessing to your Lord directly. That will always be your number one priority ministry even ahead of ministry towards your spouse and family.

Here's a song to sing.

You are God--my liberating King! You set us free, You broke the chains.. totally manumitted me--You came, were born in a manger, died on a tree, arose.. to set the captives free--people that now see. Your Grace won't fail me or these. 

Heaven Waits For Me--for We in Thee! For All. Blessed Trinity! www.F4Skurt.blogspot,vom

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