Sunday, June 22, 2008

What do you like?

What do ya do?

On the horizontal level, there are some thngs I really like:

- Liney—she still really intrigues me after almost 26 years being married (26 years on August 14th, '09).

- Our grown up kids who are all very creative.

- Our friends that like to write, call, drop in, or go get a bite to eat with Liney and I after church. We like our German and European friends (we love the Christians in the EU; the fresh-thinkers who are so earnest and fun to hang with)... as well as other friends from other countries like in South America too. We love sinners in these lands too.

- We like our dog Roxy (most of the time). She has an attitude that makes us laught a lot, and she is a bit spoiled.

- My brothers (Kevin in Hawaii and Kyle in Santa Monica) and parents (Kim and Betty) and relatives in California.

- The USA and my peeps here (Please pray for our churches and about our upcoming election. There is a lot at stake).

- To get heart-to-heart-honest in a talk with God—He cares about how we each feel, and what we really need. And He's never late in meeting their needs as they look to Him (even if it might seem like He is WAY late. See Matthew 6:33 in the Bible).

- The NKJV, the NLT and the Message Bibles..

- My home library ...including gobs of new and old non-secular music that rocks (my collection could be bigger…but it’s a great size for the amount of free reading/listening time I have).

- Expositional verse by verse, through the entire Bible teaching that is presented in a non-drab way—a way that is applicable and keeps me awake instead of making me feel like going to sleep in the pew.

- Hearing many different preachers from different backgrounds and their bold preaching (the ones who live the life, that minister God’s word from the heart as absolute truth and never apologize for it… the ones that are real and practical instead of religious sounding and puffed up). Charles Haddon Spurgeon said, “There must be light as well as fire.” Some preachers are all light and no fire, while others are all fire but no light.

- Here are a few people that I really enjoy listening to via Mp3 files: Chuck Swindoll (he consistantly imports and then exports pity stuff we can use. He's an expert with homiletically and hermeneutically sound "distilled truth," rather than in dishing out ill-prepared slop). I also enjoy hearing: Tony Evans, John MacArthur, Bob Coy, Jon Coursen, Skip Heitzig, Chuck Smith and Alister Begg (and you don't have to always agree with everything they teach regarding secondary doctrines..."In non-essentials, liberty").

- I also love to encourage people, and teach verse by verse for Christ and for decisions that last (I’m grateful that I had two opportunities this week). I enjoy listening to and discussing what the Bible says with the irreligious who want to. Paul told Tim not to be timid, but instead, “Preach the word of God. Be persistent, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching. For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to right teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever they want to hear” (2 Tim. 4:2-3, nlt). The King James Version translates that last sentence as “They will have ‘Itching ears,” or literally, “an itch for novelty.”

- Great American state and national parks... trees, waterfalls, rocky hills, islands, sandy beaches, valleys, big leaves, animals, rain drops, the beauty of nature ...and it's funny, because I'm not even buying into all the green madness.

- Almost all water sports, skateboarding and volleyball. .

- I enjoy the music and songs of Larry Norman, Glen Kaiser (of Rez Band), Keith Green and Chuck Girard (from his band that rocked the '60s and '70s called Love Song). I also love the fresh alternative sounds from Kutless, Miss Angie, Leeland, Lincoln Brewster, and P.O.D.

- Long road trips to mountainous areas in Colorado or in New Mexico; to regions where there are lakes or westward towards ocean water that I can swim or surf in. The native Texans here say this state has everything: mountains, ocean, lakes, rivers, plains etc… but I have yet to see real mountains here.

- Leather jackets and what scruffy hair that I have left (it gets kinda cold in Dallas in the winter time). I might have a bit of a sandbar that is trying to emerge for the wild tempest in the back, and I have a bit more beach now than wave breaking on the beach …if you know what I mean. Hey, it’s all good! Who wants to buy an artificial sea? Not me.

- Long walks, modern music without words a lot of the time, and sometimes ...pure silence.

- Café lattes …all coming from non-franchise shops that grind their own beans, don’t burn their beans and major on uniqueness and quality. Liney and I normally have only one coffee per day, but we also like:

.....white chocolate almond frappuccinos
.....raspberry frappuccinos
.....chocolate caramel cappuccino
.....malt madness lattes
.....espressos made at home
.....24 hour blend espressos
.....(We also go for normal coffee from Quick Trip gas station where they try to make it taste like a Latte (and where the gas currently costs $3.79 per gallon).

- Sugar free Blue Bell Popsicles or raspberry frozen sorbet. Yup, 'cause it's often real hot here (triple digits); so hot that when I talk with my Texas Baptist friends about "Hell," no one feel any fear).

Temporal Stuff I use...

- my Mp3 player that allow me to change my own battery. THANKS LORD!

- my one year old Treo cell phone that lets me surf the web when I’m stuck in a line at the store.

- my cheap Canon point and shoot (Idiot camera) with video capabilities inside.

- my two no-frills Japanese cars (a Toyota Pre-runner pickup truck and a Honda Civic) that get me from Point A to Point B. What more do I need? Nada!

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