Friday, June 20, 2008

I enjoy asking my friends...

..and really close buds: "Hey gang!—what is..."

  • ..the happiest time you’ve ever experienced (when, what, how or why)?
For me, it was...
1.) The day I accepted Christ in the home of Kathy Tuttle with a house full of sweet grey-haired ladies in the Newport Beach area. I'm WAY grateful!
Wer zur Quelle gehen kann, gehe nicht zum Wassertopf. Leonardo da Vinci
2.) The day I married the most beautiful woman—the greatest Christian in the whole wide world, Liney Renea, (August ’82 up in Northern Colorado).
3.) The time my whole family went snow skiing together at Mammoth Mountain in California.
4.) The moment following a Gospel appeal that I made to some hungry teenagers at a Lutheran youth retreat in Germany (Der Herr gab seine Ergebnisse als junge Menschen wandte sich Ihm zu. Wie Toll! Er fügte ihnen an Seine Gemende hinzu).
5.) Right as we hung upside down from a hundreds of feet up in the air, before dropping-in riding to the Titan ride (a gnarly roller coaster at Six Flags that my boys and some Christian teens visited).

  • ..the most embarrassing thing you ever did?
For me it was ..the day I exited the ocean at Salt Creek with my board under my right arm and leaped up onto a dry sand shelf (that was there due to large storm surf and the current low tide).. I was running over to meet my girlfriend, Judy Garden and her friends on the beach, but when I landed on that ledge it gave way and I landed on my face in the sand (they were all laughing).

  • ..the most scared you ever felt inside and why?
For me it was... the time my mom took us kids in the night and we all left my dad due to his intense drinking problem.

  • ..your favorite childhood memory?
For me it was …the day we found out that my dad got sober, was going to AA everyday and we could return home. So glad he made the right choice and gave his life to Christ!
  • ..the characteristic or positive aspect(s) that you like the most about your current best human friend(s)?
I like Liney’s consistent faithfulness. I like my other close friend’s patience.

  • ..your favorite non-spiritual activit(y/ies) or hobby that you like to do these days and why?
I like white chocolate almond frappuccino mocha coffees and espressos from low-key, non-franchise shops where they roast and grind their own beans. I like big beefy Sea-doo waverunners (to rent); I like the pool at the Cooper Spa (where Liney works and was given a family membership); I like my cheap Schwinn mountain bike from Wal-mart and sailing too. We have a dear friend that goes pretty often out to lake Texoma north of us and I do my best to persuade him that he really needs my help as an experienced deckhand.
  • ..the top character qualit(y/ies) that you desire to see developed in your life the most?
I want to see integrity, non-compromising steadiness, gentleness, and straightforwardness.

  • ..the creepiest attitude that you know you really can’t stand?
For me it’s that paternalistic, know-it-all, self-righteous, pharisaical, look-down-your-nose attitude of some so-called Christians and of other people too, who unwittingly never convey that weirdness …except for every time they open their mouths. Man, I really hope I’ve never done that ‘cause I know deep down that I have a whole lot to learn and am I’m not better …just better off than some (due to grace).
  • ..the one weakness you have or the thing, Christian, that can hinder you the most (if you let it..), as you grow and mature spiritually?
It’s is very easy for me to become too busy with horizontal living under the sun ...which would totally take away from any impact that I could potentially make horizontally. When I get too busy for time alone with Jesus ..or for time my family, then nothing excellent comes from such madness.
  • ..the one (or two or three) top reason(s), Mr./Ms. Non-born-again-Christian-friend, that prevents you from coming to Christ on His terms today?
OK, now you're my friend (that's fact, at least from my end of things), so please have at em.

Tajha... whaaat? You knew that I’d get around to personalizing them for you too didn't you? You knew I'd be asking at least a few questions that might be slightly sermonic in style, right? Well, why not? You and I know that you can handle it. Besides, Jesus said, "Come to me..." (Matt. 11:28, nlt). He cares about you and I'd really love to hear what you have to say to these questions.

With all due respect, I ask you these things only so that I can learn and find some common ground. So come on, be brave! I really appreciate the honesty. You can do it. Just email me and let me know to keep your answers confidental if that's your desire.

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