Thursday, September 17, 2015

Divorce or annulment, wouldn't you call em the same thing?

Check it out, God basically calls both the same thing. Doesn't like either, but He can forgive any sin. 

Marriage in Christ can be beautiful--a wonderful picture Christ's love for His Bride the Church. 

I don't look down on any here who have been through either cuz I don't know if someone cheated or the facts and circumstances. Personally, I like people safe, unbattered, and some people I've met were so often not safe and now not married. Brokenhearted. Dreams crushed. So sad. Won't judge em. But God can totally heal and restore people. 

Mr. Lu-Cifer a.k.a. the Devil likes to divide people; tear em apart. Resist Him. He does exist and he does all that he can to get unmarried couples to have sex early before their weddings, and then after that date he does what he can to keep married couples from having sex with each other.. instead of others. Deny Him, this world system and your own fleshly emotions and sinful desires when they tell you to go do what's wrong. There's unseen consequences.

Some quality decisions of commitment that you've made in the past require many quality follow-up choices that correspond with the initial good choice. Intentionally and prayerfullyReFallInLove.. with the one you already fell in love with.

"Two are better than one.. and the threefold cord is not easily broken." Take the time ..make the time for Him and each other.

I personally don't really care if people call it divorce or annulment, but God cares about those involved in doin' either. And He cares about you too. Hates to see people needlessly getting hurt or hurting each other. Sin is so destructive, and some are more than other ones.   

God hates divorce, not those who have been divorced (see Malachi 2:16). You know this. He hate the sin because He loves to bless protect us from its effects, and also because He keeps His commitments and expects us to keep ours. Some commitments are more important than other ones. 

Jesus cut to the heart of the marriage matter. When asked about this divorce thang, Jesus quoted Genesis 2:24 and said, "Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate"(Matthew 19:6). Other than cases of sexual immorality, the Bible doesn't permit divorce. When even well-meaning men revise God's commands, nothing good can come of it. When asked why Moses allowed divorce, Jesus said, "Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, permitted you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so" (Matthew 19:8, referring to Deuteronomy 24). 

"I am my lover’s. I’m all he wants. I’m all the world to him! Come, dear lover—let’s tramp through the countryside. Let’s sleep at some wayside inn, then rise early and listen to bird-song. Let’s look for wildflowers in bloom, blackberry bushes blossoming white, Fruit trees festooned with cascading flowers." ~ Solomon

I say have a soft playable heart in the Holy Spirit. He invented marriage and can make it work if we choose to do it God's way instead of our own way. 

I say be real prayer together.. and close to the Lord. Authenticity—what is that? It's the simple decision to via grace.. close that gap between who you appear to be and who you really are. I say.. it's better to be real, to pre-think before speaking but maintaining a spontaneous style, an upbeat, light and really candid mind-set. I say choose authenticity, transparency outside dark shadows, a non-inverted or egotistical attitude, but from the heart genuine, sincere upwards, inwards in your marriage and then outwards. That's Intimacy = into me see.

If your heart is hard. Please forgive. God can fix so many broken things and people. Turn if you've blown it. All have. Be born again and spiritual in Christ. Not half-hearted like a poser would do and be. Be diff. Christ sent His disciples out and they “preached that people should repent.” (Mark 6: 12). Sure He did, who can really appreciate the Good News if they first haven’t heard the bad news about where sin gets people. 

Hardheartedness turns people from God, and husband and wife from each other. Christians can witness well through a healthy Christ-centered marriage. Please seek God together and stay together in His love. 
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