Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Don’t allow the cussing of others to get ya down. Just tell em about Christ.

Don’t let other people’s foul language get you all riled up or reacting-acting in the flesh. Many have been cussing so long and often.. like I used to do.. that they really don’t even know that they are cussing. 

Your job a.k.a. calling in the Lord is not to reform or change the sinner. It’s not to get the beer etc drinkin’ homeless dude or blasted drunk uber-partier to put down their Bud. 

It’s not to get the transvestite-smoker (or whatever kind of toker..) to stop and set down whatever he’s smoking. It’s not to get the straight lookin’ President to stop deceiving millions weekly (prA4), or the obese glutton to put down their massive cake, or to get the lusty-slimeball’s eyes off the surfer-chick in the g-string..or less. Be modest and pure. 

It’s not to get that Ferguson or Baltimore brawler to quit looting stores, or to get that radical (miss-taught n deceived) Muslim to also quit hating people. Are you able to or a soldier?.. please try your best to protect people and their stuff.. and if you’re a Cop just dodge the flyin’ bricks and put em in jail. It’s not even to get your constantly-tardy employee to punch in on time employer - write em up. 

It’s not even to embellish your story making it somehow more exciting. Remember we saved-sinner-dudes ain’t better even if we’re much better off. And we are better off, and we want as many as possible to also become better off in Christ. 

But for the grace of God go I. Hey, I’m also capable cuz my old nature keeps rooting me on. No flesh! Shut up. But it’s to wisely live the life in the Spirit and share the Message accurately.
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