Thursday, December 18, 2014

During this Christmas season.. why be cold and dead? Why merely exist? Why be distracted, bowin' in the wrong direction, lukewarm or worldly? Why not be other-worldly?

When I pray for an awakening, I generally am thinking of lost people, and when I think of reviving.. I'm generally thinking of saved sinners. But did you know that many of the warnings in Scripture about people "waking up" ..are directed towards spiritually groggy Christians? It's true. Sure, you and I could be asleep in the light, when God wants us bright even in the night ..and at other times. And when you think of it... how can a believer worship biblically, sow seeds or win people to Jesus when they are dozing off? Es ist an der Zeit, den ganzen Weg bis zu wecken (It is high time for the Church to wake all the way up!)! Let me ask you.. perhaps you've been a church-goer for years, but you don't know Jesus.. or don't know Him very wellDoes that kinda describe your life? Perhaps you've never yet known the Lord in a personal friendship kinda way? You can today! Why not be authentically spiritual, red-hot on-fire for Jesus Christ ..instead? Regarding the end times, Jesus in the Bible speaks of "distress of nations with perplexity" upon the earth (see Luke 21:25). Isn't that pretty much what we are seeing right now? 

Sure it is!.. and governments down here.. around the world can't seem to perminently solve the problems that our sins have created. Big governments only keep making things worse and worse for the people. You know, I can't think of a better Christmas Season than this one ..for returning to the Bible and first to the Christ of the Bible. Muslims keep saying: First Saturday and then Sunday (meaning: first we'll go deal with the Jews and then the Christians). Let's walk in the Spirit anyways. 
"It's not weird to be a spiritual person. A real spiritual person is actually very pleasant." ~ Bob Caldwell 
Would you pray something like... Dear Father, Help me love anways, no matter what happens. Sin has affected everything down here in Your creation, but thank you that one day it will be set free after it's groaning. We've been groaning too.. but now want to have a living hope. Lord, I return to You as I am. Right now. Please forgive me of my vain wanderings ..and of other wrong-doin's too. Wash me clean. By faith I want to know You well ..and not be spiritually sick. Too many are. Please heal, restore, use and keep me. May I.. may we in my family see You accurately the way You really are. May we know You better by the end of this day according to Your Word.. and love You way more than now.. yes, even before that time arrives.. at sundown. May Your beautiful Name be glorified each and every day through me... yes, through us.. as we listen, take heed, and obey You. Show Yourself to my family and friends.. through me. Yes, may we all serve You and be fruitful as You teach us how to say No to what's wrong, how to say Yes to what is Your will, how to be disciplined, n faithful.. how to righteously shine bright, and live during Christmas and beyond. I pray and expect.. in Jesus Name. Sure, so many here still need You. Amen.  
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