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Her need exists, the One who can meet that need also exists, but the perfect guy on earth does not exist.

Been visitin' with some dudes lately who can't seem to find that rest that they so desire. They've been looking in bars, clubs, concerts and aren't being blessed or bettered by it. Where and what are you looking for? What are you living for?..what do you think will make you happy? 

Why are there so many people with an empty void inside anxiously running to and fro, striving, and looking horizontally trying to get their longings fulfilled on their own? Hey single dudes and married men, what a wife really needs is real security. And what everyone need's.. is the Lord, who provides all that we all need when we need it. Both single guys and hitched folk, go check this out in the Bible.

In the book of Ruth chapter one, Ruth makes an appeal regarding  security for Ruth coming through a kinsman but provided by God. Then Naomi her mother-in-law said to her, "My daughter, shall I not seek security for you, that it may be well with you? Now Boaz, whose young women you were with, is he not our relative?"

Was Boaz out desperately looking for a babe? Was Ruth doin't that? They are good examples. Where in the Bible does it tell singles to anxiously seek out a soul-mate lover or even a spouse? It doesn't so stop it. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Read about Naomi and learn to have your priorities in the right order as she did. She had God first and she of course knew that Ruth could best be taken care of if she was married ..growing in the faith while having the God of the Bible as her main leader, so she suggested that she appeal to Boaz for marriage. This was proper how she went about it all. The Hebrew word for "security" in verse one is the same word as rest in Ruth 1:9, where Naomi really hoped that both of her daughters-in-law would find rest and security in the home of a new husband. This Hebrew word.. manowach ..speaks of what a real home should be - a place of rest and security where those in it have their eyes primarily on their Maker to meet their needs instead of on a mere man or on a woman.

The Bible says, "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.Ps. 118:8

"Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint." Prov. 25:19

You've gotta read what Rachel, a real girl, said she wants. It's kinda funny, but she is being honest and sincere. Yes, here is "her list" (just sayin', not being critical) that was borrowed from her website. Perhaps you have a mental list instead? Yes, Rachel is a typical young American woman.

“5'8" and taller, dark brown hair with brown eyes/blue eyes, handsome, muscular.. weight depending on height - not skinny, not fat, good sense of humor, dimples, cute laugh, sensitive, *affectionate* in front of friends, gives me lots of attention, outgoing, popular but doesn't know the whole state, friends with my friends, nice smile, straight teeth, no facial or body hair (except legs n under-arms) , pierced ear(s) if any, not too many tattoos if any, likes to cuddle, likes to party, takes me out, grabs my hand to hold, kisses me unexpectedly, dresses nice (*ABERCROMBIE*) hehe, has a good job (want security a lot), tells me he misses me when we're not together, makes me laugh, open minded, polite, holds doors for me, opens car doors, *romantic*, likes all type of music, lkes going to the movies, talks to his friends about me, looks into my eyes when just laying there on the bed, gives massages without me having to ask, plays with my hair, calls m to just say hi, tries not to argue, apologizes for when he does wrong, says what he's feeling, has a car, a dog, has a family that likes me, compliments me, is tan, doesn't curse all the time, wants to be with me as much as possible, comes over unexpectedly, wakes me up with a kiss, same age or 3 years at the most older than me, *trustworthy*, patient, likes to shop (as if!!!), has good manners, doesn't smoke, occasionally drinks, athletic, is on time for dates, calls back later when he says he will, lives close to me, wants to meet my family, treats me like a princess, has a cute butt, good kissable lips, good kisser, good memory , does special things for holidays and birthdays and anniversary etc., intelligent, has direction, creative, likes everything about me, committed, *my best friend*, respectful, mature, persistent – hard working, likes walks on the beach, likes just staying home sometimes, writes me songs and poems, likes to dance, has a sexy voice, cooks for me, likes to show me off, calls me or introduces me as his "girlfriend" not just "Rachel", likes to take pictures, flirts with me in public and in private, puts up with my mood swings, comforts me when I'm sad, doesn't say "sorry" all the time when it's not needed, sticks up for me, likes animals, sends me flowers for no reason, ignores my imperfections, surprises me (good surprises), doesn't ever yell at me, likes picnics, likes to clean, first to say I love you, listens to me, smells good, *doesn't lie*, likes kids, makes me the center of his world (yikes!!), not in trouble with the law, isn't a goody-goody (yeah, bad boy type in good with the law), doesn't stare at other girls, doesn't talk to other girls more than with me, doodles our names on paper, likes to draw, leaves notes on my car, let's me go out with him and his friends, will hang out with me and my friends, puts pictures of me in his car and wallet, gets jealous but not too jealous, dependable, doesn't hang up on me, calls me babe, sweetie, etc., calls me, cute pet names, isn't conceited, isn't a penny-pincher, likes sports and going to sporting-events, likes to play board games, video games and lets me win, doesn't play mind-games, doesn't just think about sex, cares about world issues (worldly), doesn't make me cry, leaves sweet voicemails/text messages on my phone, isn't shy, has hopes, dreams, and wishes, not opinionated, will watch chick-flicks even if he doesn't like them, can spell.”
Can you spell? Like me, are you kinda opinionated? Funny huh! Please don't be worldly or be in bed with a woman (or any guy, sir) you're not married to. I have a great wife who is opinionated and she thinks I'm a bit opinionated too (ya think?). Who isn't to a degree?..perhaps some wall-flower? Now here is Mandi's dream (below. Not her real name). She's a typical 28 year old American woman who wrote this personal ad (And what did she say about her herself when placing the ad? Well, she said that she is ugly and lazy. Hah!).  
 "This is my ideal guy: 

He has talent I can respect. Either he is a great artist or a musician with his own style or otherwise great at some craft. His talent doesn't follow the herd. If he is not artistic then at least he enjoys the arts, music, and books. If he has an interest in anything beyond mindless pop culture, video games and TV, that would be ideal. Not that any of that is too bad, but there is just so much more to life. He has goals, not dreams. He strategizes on how he can realize his goals in light of whatever life has handed him as his fate. He is an animal lover and has compassion for people. He is financially solvent (wants security). He doesn't spend money he doesn't have, and doesn't try to buy a woman's affection. He plans his lifestyle to be uncomplicated and has common sense in regards to what is a wise investment or not. 

He is not selfish and self-centered. He likes his mom and female siblings and is nice to them. He takes care of his emotional health as well as being conscious of his physical health. He lives to travel and be spontaneous. He is a one-woman-guy. He is not constantly searching for new girl. He likes touching, kissing, giving and receiving massages. He likes an independent lady who has her own interests, goals, and ideas and is supportive of her reaching them, as opposed to competing with her or taking no interest. He wants to have a child. Not immediately, but he does see that in his future. He doesn't currently have any. He's never been told by a girlfriend that he needs professional psychological help. If he has, he has gotten it and its been at least 5 years since he's gotten better.  

He would rather do the right thing than try to get away with something. He was not raised catholic. He can cook and do his own laundry and doesn't expect his girlfriend to do it. He believes in karma. He listens to his inner voice and doesn't deny his real feelings. He can discuss issues and conflicts civilly, even though a complete resolution may not come about. He is not looking for a super model, but a real, normal person."

Right thing (great!)...not raised Catholic...karma? What's up with that? I remember bein' raised like that. But can't God give us His good doctrine and change any of us from the inside out? 

Hey guys, remember that God is your Source not your career and not some mortal. Seek and find contentment, real success, satisfaction, provision and great peace in the Word of God and not in some woman (see Psalm 1, 119:165, Joshua 1). Don't seek a wife...a dude.. or some hot-lookin' live-in-lover ..or even another wife. How lame would that be! 

God is enough for you. If you can't learn now to be pure and happy in a relationship with Him ..cuz you won't stop striving in the flesh.. then how will you ever be holy and happy while married? Have right motives and a clean thought life. You are not half a person looking for your better-half spouse that will complete you. We are complete in Christ. God calls you to follow Him primarily, to learn of Him and He indeed wants to make you a fisher of people but in another sorta way - in His Way. Yes, He wants to use you to plant seeds, to edify, to help in practical ways, and to win lost people to faith in Jesus. He can do it. Man, how will that ever happen if you stay antsy in the pantsy, or mad at God feeling that He is so unfair, has forgotten you, has bad timing, is really mean to you, and has missed all His opportunities to bless you? Go read about Martha in the Bible who thought Jesus passed his chance to meet a need and simply arrived late. Jesus wasn't late - He raised the dead, and was later raised Himself.    

Yo Rachael and Mandi. Want the perfect yesterday? Not a bad desire to have, and there is One for you. His Name begins with a "J". 

Honestly now, get saved. Remember... God will always give His best to those who leave the choice with Him. Learn to wait on Him and dead-bolt your eyes on Jesus Christ as your Lord instead of on some flawed dude who can never meet all your needs. Happiness is not some other man or woman of your choosing. The Lord Himself is your security. He is more than sufficient. Of course, you finding a born again Christian husband that God chooses to bless you with in His timing.. is not sin at all, duh! But let's all get real and balanced in Him. "For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is His Name.." Isa. 54:5 

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