Monday, September 30, 2013

"Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling...

 ..and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding JOY.."  Jude 1:24

P.  Lord God, we rejoice in You! Thank you so much Lord for what You did. Thanks for blessing Greg Laurie and the Harvest team. Jesus, we love You. Thanks for pouring ouy Your mighty grace, unmatched love, and tender mercies on those in Philly and on those across this needy nation.. and even around the world on those who were watching or hearing from different places. God, let those words they heard there, over the radio, and on the web be remembered long. Let the fruit abide and not fall away. Thank you so much Jesus for your peace and valuable forgiveness. You are the greatest Gift of all gifts! Now, please assist each new believer as they START to grow spiritually and have this wonderful assurance inside of what just happened in their hearts. How beautiful! We praise You for it. You saved them in the greatest sense of that S-term! Please refresh the minister, the servants who supported, and those who received You. Tkx gobs! Amen. 

Think about Him and His work today. God still does no greater miracle than saving someone! 

How cool was that whole thang!!!.. simulcasting the #Gospel live and clear to more than 3,500 venues across the #USA and to 22 nations around the world! Missions effort making a difference! Man, it was more like #HarvestNations rather than #HarvestAmerica huh. More than 27,500 people from the Philadelphia area alone attended the crusade there, with 2,248 making commitments to Christ over the two nights (Sat & Sun). And another 1,815 indicated making a commitment to #Jesus Christ while watching online yesterday alone (Sunday). In addition, there were 700 US radio stations tuned in and at least 52,000 individuals logged on to receive this live-stream of the event online via their computers or mobile devices. Incredible! We're talkin' 50,000 new #Facebook likes, 7,500 new #Twitter followers, 7,791 #tweets, and 5 ½ million views on twitter with 10,000 photos on #Instagram! Let Your Kingdom come on earth even more. Extend the reach of Your unified Church with Your Message again! Yes Lord, let's do it again in 2014.

Life, Liberty and in this Land, the hot Pursuit of desired Happiness.. "If there is no God, there will be no happiness. But if you know God, you will know happiness. Not from seeking it, but from seeking Him." ~ Greg Laurie

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." ~ Jesus, Matt. 6:33

Been talkin' with some babies the last two days and been praying for all the people that made this new commitment to Jesus this weekend. Please join me in prayin' for them, saints, for the new believers so that each one of them will sense the Lord's presence, and faithful love, and then will cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He leads them into personal Bible study (so enjoyable too), into candid prayer time alone and all throughout their day.. with thanksgiving, into a Bible-teaching local church where they will find real friends and know, a fellowship with a saved, spiritual shepherd who really loves and ministers the that they each one will START sharing their new faith with lost buddies in a non-religious Way. Man, what a blessing they'll experience when they get plugged in with Christ's Body (the Church/I mean with real believers who are growing in the truth and grace) and to learn the Essentials from the Bible, and even some basic disciplines that will help them in every they'll become firmly grounded in their new friendship with #Christ and in their biblcial faith. 

You might have felt something when you prayed, or you might have felt nothing. We don't walk by feelings so either way, are you a new Christian who is determined you're gunna START to grow in Christ? Start here...  

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