Saturday, August 10, 2013

Got a little free time to do a whole lotta good? Want a soul-winning prayer assignment?

I just had the joy of talking with Candy, Jjukiey, Rohan and approximately 43 others from Asia and India about the basics of prayer. I pray that these new believers will grow through the Word and praying in Him (in Christ). Even invited them to enter names of their lost friends in the prayer cloud (why not?) and to pray for the upcoming Harvest America outreach. 

You've already heard about this perhaps.. but for 23 years my former SoCal pastor,@GregLaurie, has been diligent in the field, and has been invited to cities all over the world to share the #GoodNews of Christ.

And building on that foundation of obedience n love, has actually amplified the Jesus Message that he's been loyally putting out.. to be heard all over this nation again. You know about this right?..and you plan to take part in your US area right..I mean if you are stateside on Sept 28 and 29th or have a good web-connection. Please say "Yes Lord, will do" (a full-on yes to Him with prayers attached). If you haven't heard.. Harvest America is literally hundreds of #churches humbly banding together to proclaim the one #Gospel live, simultaneously, in host locations nationwide. 

Exciting to the max!  God-honoring too.  A great opportunity for us all! 

And of all the different ways that we believers can practically prepare for this, by far the most vital is in prayer to God. Please pray for the whole HA team. It may seem kinda like a small thing—but #prayer is so powerful, because of the One we pray to in faith—God.. is mighty to save anyone who humbly calls upon Him! Will you join in? 

"Prayer does not change the purpose of God.  But prayer does change the action of God." ~ Chuck Smith Sr. 

Just click here  ...and add any names of specific individuals that you will pray for. Why? Well, so they will come to know the Lord as you now a personal meaningful way. Then take a bit of time to pray for others in the cloud there, that they too would experience the life-changing power of the Gospel. Q. Can you think of a better use of your weekend time? You and your walk mean a lot.. and this too really means a lot to God! #Start #PrayWithoutCeasing #GoTell

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