Saturday, May 25, 2013

I love to engage the young, the middle-aged, the old and even harvest online!

How about you... love it too? Why not edify more than one with the same energy and time expended it would take while you seek to edify one? That's what's so cool about online tools in the hands of the Church today. If the enemy can use it for evil, why can't we fear God and use the web for God's glory? I say get your go from the Lord.  

Been sharing my faith daily in connection with Harvest Ministries and some other great groups... and am having a blast doing so. I'm not super at it, but am a learner. Have a long way to go in this, but I've got a good Teacher. 

Feel really excited about it too, even when I simply plant seeds and don't get to reap. And there seems to be so many ways that God is leading His people to witness in these times of ours. 

Do you have a heart for tactfully getting the Gospel out?.. for reaching people far and wide in a non-creepy, non-pushy, and spamy kinda way?..yes, for reaching the next generation for Jesus Christ?

Where can they be found? Many are online…duh. So it would make sense to know where they are online right? A mountain fisher would like to study to know where they trout would hang out in schools huh.  

Do use any social media at all for a platform to communicate with youth regarding the Gospel, to influence people with the truth, to edify, encourage and uplift other believers, add to simply value to people in general? Do you use it to maintain your friendships? Wouldn't blame you if you didn't and just wanted to keep your personal info private. But for those who do, some new Pew Study results came out that show that 77% of online teens (ages 12-17) surveyed use Facebook. 

Yes, Facebook is still the most popular of all the social networks among teens, but their interest is now waning some ..I mean their enthusiasm is. And 425 is the average friend count in FB.

And 94% of teens who are online still use Facebook even though many teens say they really dislike seeing an increasing number of adults on there, and they don't at all like all the "oversharing" and all "the drama" they say happens online.

Sounds about right huh. I know what they mean too. It's easy to do. And what teens of any era have not wanted to be left in a group of peers away from all their parents for a lengthy  part of their time. Friends do mean so much to them and that will fade a bit more later on in life.

Why do they return? I say teens / people are still lonely, empty, very hungry for purpose, and are searching for meaning in life. And Jesus Christ can address and meet all those needs for anyone, but too many merely think of Him as a mythical prophet as their schools have taught, or as a mere historic figure or as "a religion for born agains." Many are gaming gobs and looking in the wrong places to deal with their loneliness and frustrations.

"Say not, There are yet four months, and then comes harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." ~ Jesus

Did you know that 2% of online teens say they "have had an experience online that made them feel good about themselves."  And among teen social media users, "57% said they had an experience online that made them feel good, compared with 30% of teen internet users who do not use social media."

One in three online teens (33%) say they have had an experience online that "made them feel closer to another person." And then looking at teen social media users, "37% report having an experience somewhere online that made them feel closer to another person, compared with just 16% of online teens who do not use social media."

Pew also found that 24% of online teens now use Twitter, an increase from 16% in 2011. But while 39% of African-American teens said they use Twitter, only 23% of white teens said the same thing.

But looking at the stats.. outside of Twitter and Facebook, teens don't have as much of an online presence at all. In 2012, 11% of teen social media users said they use Instagram (which is number 3 and is mobile based) and believe me it ain't only about sharing photos, they communicate a lot alongside of their photos there, while Tumblr gets only 5%, Google+ gets 3%, and Pinterest only gets 1% (btw: follow me, cuz I'm at @kurtwvs with all of em). Me thinks we can better learn to worship Christ, grow in Him, and just point others to Him together. and
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