Monday, February 25, 2013

But.. What Should I Even Ask For?

If ye shall ask any thing in my Name, I will do it. ~ Jesus 14|14john

PRAY for mistreated, persecuted and tortured Christians. Yup, sadly it's still happening to many around the world and might happen a lot more in years to come.  

PRAY for people starving and without any clean water. Basic stuff. Pray about helping those who are already doin' a good job at helping em, and who are sharing the Good News as well.

PRAY for orphans and widows. God doesn't want you or any of them lonely or out in the cold in any way. 

PRAY for your nation's leaders cuz man, you know how they are. They and the people (who perhaps voted em into their positions) all really need it these days.

PRAY for boldness, discernment, compassion, and God's great wisdom. The world really needs to see your witness Church now more than ever.. as individuals in Christ and collectively as His body. 

PRAY for your friends to turn and trust CHRIST TODAY.. then put shoe leather to your faith and gently go talk with em. Ask God to guide you as He so desires to. 

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