Monday, May 21, 2012

Ever asked yourself this question: Why has God blessed America so much?

Really wanna know why He has? it's a good question huh. I know some reasons why. Wanna know? Ok, you're on. 

Here's why.. traditionally America has opted to be a blessing to God's Jewish people (and guess what, we as a people really need to keep standing with those in Israel against all the evil mounted against them). 

Here's another reason why God has blessed this country.. it's because America has been a free country, and God really loves freedom. He said the truth will set us free and that's why He gave us the truth in the Bible. He so wants all people to be freed ..asap.. yes, in the fullest sense of the term, instead of remaining enslaved in any sorta way. So what's not to love about that? As we hear, read, and seek to know the truth and then apply what we know to be true, then we each can enjoy true freedom even when it perhaps for some.. seemed that we would never enjoy freedom again. Do you have friends that have a vice, a monkey of some sort on their back. Start to pray hard for them now and as God leads you, go share His truth with them. Invite them to a church that will give them an opportunity to turn and be born again in Jesus Christ. That's the one step program for em (not to slight other decent multi-step programs).

God has blessed America because 75 percent of missionaries that have been sent out to evangelize and disciple in other Lands, have been from America. Yes, God gave us the Great Commandment and the Great Commission (our world-wide missionary mandate) with some very good reasons in mind ...and people that we know far away and even close by.. are some of those reasons. 

God's heart still beats for Missions. Believer, have you yet discovered what part God would have you play if you will.. in His world missions plan? Has He called you to go, to tell, to send another believer, to give, to pray ..or all of the above? Being in the center of God's will is the best place for you to be.. any day of the week.

Did you know America contains only approximately 5% of the world's population? I love my country of America. It's far from perfect, but we have had some wonderful, godly leaders here in the past, and some wonderful on-fire Christian people as well. God has blessed America because it was founded upon biblical principles and upon freedom in seeking to know and worship Jesus Christ. 

Have we had our share of false teachers before? Sure, sadly way too many.. even within the walls of some of our churches ..just teaching away. They mix truth with error in the Name of Jesus and it gives the Gospel a black eye. And we have allowed this and many have supported these greedy, self-centered losers. It's time for us to wake up, to not allow this any more, and get back to the Bible so that we will know who to listen to and who not to listen to. 

We've had some of the most fruitful ministers and Christian soul-winners as well.. Christians who really practice what they preach. I thank God for Billy Graham and his son.. and for my California pastors Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie, men who have faithfully taught all the counsels of God from Scripture. I thank God for Jack Graham and many other great Baptist and Evangelical pastors who are working to see America turn back to Christ. There are so many Christ-exalting, wonderful preachers and teachers in America still. It's the Message that we need to take heed to. Therefore this is a good day for Americans to find.. and go back to healthy Bible teaching churches. We all need fellowship with mature believers to be strong in Christ.   

Since the '20's, there have been 1800 missions agencies established in America, and the churches in this country have given a lot and prayed a lot and sent out a lot - over 350,000 missionaries to serve practically and to clearly preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

And we've seen God save people as a result. Is there anything more exciting than that.. sowing seed, watering, and reaping a harvest of people into God's Kingdom? No! I love to be around where this is happening and to help out where I can. God had one Son and He was a missionary who left His Home up in heaven to come save you and me. It's cuz God is a missionary kinda God. Like me, do you want to see America blessed in the future? We need to pray as if our life depends upon it then.. and vote wisely, and not allowing any creepy, dishonest politician steal an election. Are you willing to be used of God as a missionary or a missionary-like witness of the truth.. I mean right here at home? So many are not yet Christian right here in America even though so many go to churches, but if our hearts would be changed inside, then our Land will be blessed again. Jesus talked about us being for Him or against Him (no in-between), He explained how we each were/are either gathering people with Him into His Kingdom, or simply scattering people away. Who are you influencing towards righteousness? What is your life doing in this regard? What are your words doing for those around you? 

Do you have a wayward family member or a lost friend that you really want to see get right with the Lord? 

Join us then in praying, in enthusiastically talking about, and in preparing with Greg Laurie for Harvest America on August 26th, 1012. Together we want America to hear about the Bible Jesus! This is basically going to be "simulcast evangelism" at it's finest, coming from Angel Stadium in SoCal to every city and town in the USA.. to as many want to hear.  

Perhaps you know of a pastor that you could respectfully approach and encourage to get involved in this great day of evangelism? My friend, Dan Southern, and I have been seeking to assist and get as many pastors as we can, that desire to make a real difference for America, to register for this nation-wide eventSure, we want all of them with their congregations as well as you.. way blessed of God. And you can help. 

To date, Harvest America has had 656 host venue locations with pastors commit to being apart, but we still need a lot more pastors and venues to reach more Americans in need. 

"True revival will not happen until God's people are broken over their sin." ~ Trent Griffith

If "the nations are as a drop in a bucket, and are counted as the small dust on the scales" (see Isa. 40:15, nkjv)... then when ya stop and think about it... how much trouble is it for the Lord of the entire universe to basically change the heart of a nation so to speak.. wooing, convicting, and turning them wholeheartedly back to Himself for their own good? 

And how difficult is it for Him to do this for your straying loved one? How hard would it be for God to heal our Land as we in America turn from our wicked ways? Blessings.. they'll come after we turn to and obey the Bless-er, simple as that! Hey gang, there is indeed hope for America and it is in none other than in the Person of Jesus Christ. From and in Him all blessings flow.  

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