Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What spurs you on into prayer... say your car, in your room that chair in that quiet corner with that hot coffee or tea when you are at home and ready to sow to the Spirit? Perhaps it's when you are in that private break spot at work or in your school where you feel the need to read the Word and pray the most, that you feel the need to mention the names of people you've met. 

These are some good questions to ponder huh. Do you ask yourself ever: What motivates me to seek the Lord the most, I mean most often, when Christ is seeking to drawn you apart from the crowd? Is it personal trials for you, is it pain, is it face to face update reports from loved ones, or is it the simple promptings of the Spirit that most often get you away and down on your knees before your Lord? 

If ever there was a world that needed Jesus Christ, it is our world today.. it is your world and my world. You know this. We are seeing such drastic changes happen so rapidly - at lightening speed it seems - before our very eyes and although we feel great joy when looking up for our Savior to soon appear and snatch us believers away into the clouds, He would have us all praying fervently in faith for others until His Rapture happens.

Be encouraged to draw away.. to look away to God today.. yes to meet all your needs as well as to change those circumstances and lives around you that look so impossible right now. Christ so loves His time with you. Steal away (I mean take the time back that you gave to something lesser, something that shouldn't be first priority). Get away ignoring your feelings or desires for entertainment. Find a quiet place to listen and to hear from your first Love - Jesus. Call out to God for the nations there and for those lost and living in em. God the Holy Spirit will indeed lead you in this cuz He cares about you and them more.

Q. Do ya ever get topics of prayer from your TV, online news app, hardcopy hotel newspaper, Twitter account or from your car radio? If you can't think of what to pray when alone, pray over those things. I know many of you do this and you know how the global intercession-fodder that's comin' at us via new media is uber-abundant huh. We can be missionaries going to far off lands daily on our knees if you will...and perhaps even going to these places and peoples physically later on as God opens doors.

"Give heed to the voice of my cry, my King and my God, for to You I will pray." 5/2ps.
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