Tuesday, August 2, 2011

God’s grace ain’t some mysterious kind of supplemental provision...

..added to our spiritual strength, believers, for we have no real spiritual strength of our own. 

That's kinda good to keep in mind huh. 

God's unmerited favor that ya can never earn—His free gift of Grace that no one can work for—actually turns our personal weaknesses into power-areas if you will.. for the glory of God. It happens as we each continue moment by moment in a full-trust-relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord (benevolent boss). He still knows best. 

But if we stop trusting in Christ.. if we stop relating to Him as our loving Leader feeling we know best, then our personal inborn strengths can in reality each become a double liability for us. That gift which God gave to aid us in glorifying Him, can actually work against us. 

it's true!

Remember self-confident Peter... 


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