Friday, May 28, 2010

Directed Fishing for Peeps

Let's say after many hours in the same sitting position over large oceans your plane finally arrives in India, Christian, so you grab your iPod, sunglasses and backpack.. you de-board down the stairs onto the tarmac in the hot sun and suddenly you are surrounded by new smells, new sights, new sounds, and literally thousands of people who have not yet heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Not even once. 

Many have never even heard about the name of Jesus.


Opportunity galore!


Exciting huh.


Sure, you've been given a Mandate to go tell, but you can't tell everyone there and then fully explain the truth that they need so badly to hear.


Well, maybe if everyone in India had a computer and they followed you on Twitter.. then you could start.
Ain't gunna happen; let's get real.


The Task seems impossible!


Do they even speak your language? You can't send a phone-tree message out to many cuz who even has a cell phone.. or likes that kind of thing?


But you have a heart and desire to love and reach everyone with the unchanging truth. Beautiful!
Hey, you're really into Jesus, practical service, witnessing and stuff. So what do you do—where do you begin?
How will you obey?


You and I must start where we are and be directed in ministry by the Lord of the Harvest—the One who sees the big picture. Jesus is the One who prepares hearts and already knows who is open or ready. He adds to His Church. He alone saves from the guttermost to the uttermost. 


"There's a difference between just serving and serving at the direction of the Lord. When the Lord is in it, He can fill the nets. When the Lord is in it, He can make it prosperous. You can do the same thing in the same way and apart from the Lord. You're gonna pull up empty nets all night." ~chuck SMITH, SR


"JESUS is the difference between activity and ministry!" ~doug WARWICK


"Be fishing where the Lord directs and let Him fill the net." ~debbie STONER

Directed service (by Christ) is much better than mere service ..allegedly in Jesus' Name. God doesn't want our efforts wasted... CONTINUE READING...

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