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What Kind Of People Are Drawn To You?

".. Jesus withdrew with His disciples to the sea. And a great multitude from Galilee followed Him, and from Judea and Jerusalem and Idumea and beyond the Jordan; and those from Tyre and Sidon, a great multitude, when they heard how many things He was doing, came to Him." ~Mark 3:7
Are people drawn to you?
Man, is it because of what you are doin' ..or perhaps due to what you are saying.. or do you feel more like you typically repel people away?
Good questions for all of us to think about ..huh.
If they are "being drawn," what do you do with em once they show up? Can you sing kinda? I sure can't—it's pretty sad. Who or what do you point them to in order for them to see their needs met?* 
That's slightly important! You know that what you do with them and perhaps even the kind of people that are drawn to you could speak volumes of who you are as a person. It might not as well. What exactly is it about you that makes people want to approach ..or get to know you better?**
The Bible tells us that Christ wasn't passive. He drew sinners like you and me.. "Now the tax collectors and "sinners" were all gathering around to hear Him. But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, 'This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.' Then Jesus told them this parable: 'Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?'" (Lk. 15:1-4, niv). People climbed on a clay roof to get near Jesus, 'cause they couldn't pack em in any tighter down below in the house (See Mark 2:2-5). And He still lovingly draws people! And the religious folk still get jealous as well.
If God uses you as a "fisher" to draw people by His anointing towards Christ, then you can be sure that arrogant religious folk will get in your way. They will popup to block, to confuse, to impede and to give you a hard time. Just don't take it personal. It's the living Word of God in you (or that can be in you..) that they dislike. They won't place themselves under the Word's authority and they simply don't realize that they are like puppets on the devil's string if you will.
Let's talk about charisma for a minute. What is it ..or here's another good question: Do you have any attractive charisma about you? More importantly, do you have godly character, honest reliability and the Word of God as your boss? Bible "believing" actually includes real repentance and this is about you getting tired of being your own boss, admitting it, changing, and going forwards letting Christ be the Boss from this point on.
Are you constantly going against your own conscience and then feeling too guilty to even function right? Hey that problem can be solved! Do people trust what you say? Would they say if interviewed, that you always keep your promises and walk your talk? That's so awesome if they would.
Is there purity, genuineness and a fresh sparkle ..or maybe an upbeat exuberant joy—a supernatural JOY that's like.. on steroids (only positive) about you that's kinda hard for them to explain? How about a wholesome sense of humor.. or are you uber-uptight and take yourself way too seriously?
Is there an anointing from the Holy Spirit and God's wisdom in your life that makes em think you will somehow add value to their lives? If you're ever called to speak publicly, you will be called to diligently study Bible-truth as well! Perhaps you are semi or very popular and people want to hang out with you, so they can become cool and popular too. We're not responsible for their motives. But if so, please don't be all full of yourself constantly pointing back at yourself, or boastful like you're all that and a big bag of pretzels. Too many folk are already taking that stance brazenly telling you all that they will accomplish (Personally, I've rarely seen one braggart pull it off).
Ever thought about this stuff before? Sure you have, but I just want to remind you of these things again cuz it never hurts to be reminded of such important things.
Maybe you feel that nobody is drawn to you at all and that you are not quite sure why? Perhaps you wonder why God even has you down here in the first place. Well, He ain't done with you yet.
I had the privilege last week to listen to, to counsel some, and to witness to three brokenhearted young people who believed that they had zero charisma. A few were recently rejected by their boyfriend and girlfriends. It was so sad and it moved me inside. I hope that I helped them some!
Yeah, I really felt for these lonely ones and wanted so much just to hug em, to cry with them, or to go by force into the matter (as if..) and make it all right somehow.
Hey, I'm no mother Teresa-type by any means, but I really wanted to tell them something that would comfort and encourage them in the Lord—their first Love faithful Companion!
They literally felt hopeless, distressed and depressed, and there is so much life ahead for these people. And there is the potential of L-I-F-E ahead for you as well in Christ!  
It can be frustrating to be so limited in helping..and weak when there is so much acute need right in front of me! But that's where the Lord comes in to empower us. When we are weak, He is always strong!     
When speaking with these singles (not together at one time..), I learned that they actually didn't think they were loveable at all, or that they had any natural gifting or charisma at all.
They didn't think anyone would ever care for, or even like them ..ever.. and that something was majorly wrong with them—basically unfixable in their personalities.. and that they would always be repeatedly rejected. We ought not to believe those lies! And yet they were attractive, healthy looking young people. Who can know the inner damage that was either self-inflicted ..or from others? God can and that's why we need His discernment.
One lost teary-eyed young lady who traveled to Dallas from Berlin to meet a so called boyfriend that she had been long-time corresponding with over the internet, got really hurt when he basically threw her and her luggage out of his place. Why did he? Why was she even in his place?
Well, she got tossed aside because she wouldn't have sex with him. Their expectations were vastly different from each other's, but she thought she already knew him well enough to take this huge romantic travel-risk that he invited her on.
It had happened to her before. She exclaimed this to me in youth-German mixed with English gangsta slang. I don't mean it happened to her transcontinentally before.. but she confessed that she had been drawn to the same type of lost hip hoppers with their flashy glitzy lifestyle for years ..who were letting her down hard each time (and not all are like that).
Her dad died young, her mom remarried a puffed-up Muslim guy who was often angry and didn't want her around at all ..because she rejected his faith outright and now she found herself alone again ..but this time in a strange city far away.
I called around and did find her some safe transportation with safe friends and a safe place for her to stay for the night as she had requested, and she seemed very receptive when I explained to her about Christ and His Love for over an hour. I even got to tell Sabrina about some decent Bible teaching churches near her home in Germany. She wants to visit, but please do pray for her.
To tell you the truth, I think there must be more than ten thousand people around us each week who have similar stories.. and feel this same way pretty much. Desperate people needing direction, but what voice can they trust?
Who will reach the next (fatherless) lonely generation?
Who will tell them in our place ..if we merely "live the life" but keep our mouths shut so as not to come off as intolerant, brash or offensive people? Jesus Christ loves them so! He has a plan for each one of em and sure, that plan will include some suffering, some changes, some persecution, some growing, and some real friends in church fellowship who really care.
Man, who hasn't heard that before? But perhaps there's a new way we can convey old truth where they won't quickly turn us off and put us in a leave-that-freak-alone-they're-dangerous-box?
How can we begin to scale the language barrier so that confused people will get found and so that the already found can also be ministered to.. rather than become neglected or discarded on the ash heap of rejection?
They all need to be touched and heard.. just like you.
Many people today when they think of charisma, they think it's some sorta hyper-esoteric energy, some cosmic force, some radically-mystical glowing aurora, or a non-tangible asset not to be had past your birth—an undefinable commodity for a few up-and-outers. Charisma is simply the God-given ability to draw people.
Some television personalities and movie stars (both moral and immoral..) have it. Some so called ministers (both false teachers and faithful ones..) have it, while others merely claim to have it. And many Christians have also cultivated it in their own lives to the benefit of the Kingdom of God.
Have you ever asked others if they think that you have some degree of charisma?
Did you know that charisma, like other character traits, can be developed for a noble Purpose? Yup, it sure can be!
Question: How do you rate when it comes to charisma?
Charisma is the transference of enthusiasm. ~Ralph Archbold
Epaphras… greets you, always laboring fervently for you in prayers… I bear him witness that he has a great zeal for you. ~Paul, Colossians 4:12-13
How can ya have charisma? Be far more concerned with knowing and pleasing the Source of it—Jesus Christ! Seek to serve and help people rightly connect with Him rather than merely trying to make em feel good about you. ~kVs
Are other people naturally attracted to you, or are you feeling naturally attracted to some individuals you're around because of their gentle optimism and compassion?
If not, it could be due to you possessing a charisma-blockade such as…
A Prideful Attitude – no one will feel drawn towards a so called fisher of people who has an imperious superiority complex. Do you think that you are better than other people? Loose that stinking thinking!
A Poor Me Insecurity – if you love to hold pity parties or to dump on others or choose to believe the lies of fallen angels regarding yourself, then guess what.. you will be miserable inside. And if you feel uncomfortable with who you are, then others will be too. Choose to be thankful and happy biblically in your Savior! 
A Dry Sponge Uber-needy Possessiveness – if you have no righteous quiet time or proper intimacy with the Word of God (Jesus Christ), then you will lack power in witnessing and end up looking to inferior sources to meet your needs. Nothing drives people away faster than a graspy, clingy, controlling idolater looking to a mere human (or thing) as their god. Hey, this could lead to stocking and jail time if not repented of. 
A Credibility Lack – If you play and talk like you're one way and then act another way, you will eventually be found out. No one wants to hang tight with a hypocrite, especially if they never take responsibility for their behavior or attitudes. Everyone who ever sins basically commits the sin of hypocrisy when they do, but that doesn't mean they have to stay a hypocrite. Why become a traitor to who you were called to be and to the One who lovingly calls you? 
A Self-centered Moodiness – if people never know what to expect from you, then they will never expect anything good at all ..preferring not wanting to be disappointed.
A Hard-driving Perfectionism most people respect the desire for excellence along with an accompanying wise-diligence, but they hate inordinate and insensitive pressure along with unrealistic expectations.
An Unloving Cynicism – clear thinking children of the day and others do not want to be rained-on by someone who is determined to see a cloud around every silver lining. Love chooses to believe the best of people. Show respect to those in absentia and to other people as well. Be inclusive until one proves to be on a destructive mission out to hurt relationships. 
A Rebellion-based Anger – Submission to Direct and even flawed delegated authorities is very important in regards to charisma cultivation. It's imperative for maintaining order in a family, in a church, or in an organization as well. Misdirected blame, people-ward hate or anger only drives others within ear-shot away including those who are not even involved. Love all people, submit, own your blunders and be prayerfully humble. Listen, you don't have to be close to unreasonable creeps who see themselves as perfect yet keep brutally wounding the innocent ..minus any apologies or positive change. The cost can be very high and permanent if you make a creep a close friend. 
Not a bad list huh. Perhaps you'd like to add to it. Go for it! Yeah, I'd say that…
Gracious-transparency, consistent credibility, godly character, candid authenticity, rock-solid integrity—these qualities make up the currency of personal evangelism ministry. And this currency if you will sure easy to lose, but it's hard to regain. Without it you might be a witness, but you won't be an effective or good witness, or an impacting minister of any kind for that matter ..even if you land a really cool title!
Paul told Titus to, " sober-minded, in all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works; in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility, sound speech that cannot be condemned" (Tts. 2:6-8).
Want to gain trust and be a decent influencer of any kind? Appropriate these above characteristics ASAP!
Let us serve the Lord with gladness and enthusiastic praise,
Telling all who do not know Him of His great and wondrous ways!

Godly zeal that employs righteous charisma is love on fire! ~kVs

Hey gang, I'm not here to point a finger or reform the bad behavior or negative attitudes of sinners. I'm not here to justify anyone or save anybody really. No mere man can do that, but if you are a real Christian then you can develop some winsome charisma unto the glory of God by steering way clear of those ugly blockades! Ask God to help you cultivate your relationship with Him until you are red-hot for the Word of God with a passion to rescue others who are on a destructive path. Trust Him to use you today as you spread the Good News with charisma from Him. He won't let you down!  
* Christian, it's great when people are drawn to you for the right reasons and we indeed have God to thank for that. Wonderful! It's also important for us to point these people to Jesus Christ in a natural winsome way—the Savior and Source of everything that they really need. Ultimately.. for their own good, we want them following Him instead of us as we give all the glory to God.
** Is there an effervescent joy, purity, or a quality of a wholesome sincerity in your life that is attracting people? What is it that makes them come to you? I am talking about investigating the underlying reasons here, not guilt by association here. I think people from every strata of society, of every color and background, who maybe live in close proximity to you.. should be drawn, but if it's constantly pervs and base individuals who show up in your face then you might just want to ask yourself if it's all about something you are habitually doing wrong that needs to change. In our sex-crazed sensual Western culture today, it's important for Christians to dress modestly and be real instead of flirting around or dressing seductively. 

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