Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Fevers And Junk Like That?

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. ~Psalm 23:1, nkjv


Just got off the phone again with my exhausted 'lil brother, Kyle, who was sitting in a small LA hospital room with his sweet baby daughter, Peyton, who had a 107 degree temperature. He said she has a lot of wire hooked up to her right now that she keep trying to take off.  


Kyle and his wife Kim have not slept in a couple days and I have never seen them go through anything like this before. It really bugs me! I hate sickness. It's a result of the fall of man in sin. I just hate sin too!!!


Pretty scary for them.. I can only imagine what it feels like for them. They are there because Peyton had a convulsion last night when all this started to happen (please do pray for them, because although God has answered our prayers and the fever is now gone, the test results are not back yet).  


Have you ever cried out like I have at times saying something like, "Uhhhh Father God, I really need You this time bad. Please check us out in this mess and have mercy. Do you hear me? Do you really care for my family? I feel broken, beat up and crushed inside! God, please intervene this time because this uber-horrible-predicament is dealing with my loved one and I really can't bear to see them cry any more. Lord, Your Word says that You care for all of us the same and that You are the same, yesterday, today and forever. Please do what you have done before and heal. I just don't get it at all! Why is there so much junk happening down here. Please don't be passive—please do something now! With all due respect, I've always heard that you are in control of all the details of your children's lives. How could you allow this? Thanks for hearing me out. I expect."


Christ loves brutal honesty in prayer. Do you need some prayer for something?


Is a loved one that you know feeling ill? They matter just as much as Peyton to God. He loves us all and it breaks His heart when we suffer. Jesus weeps with us. Has something been bugging you for a long time ..or for a short time? Hey, Christ is your Answer no matter the problem. Express faith in God! Don't wait or try a bunch of stuff ahead of running to Him. Please let us know too. Thanks.
It doesn't matter what needs you have, the Lord came down here to earth to die in your place so you can know Him and His power! Christ came so He could become and remain your first love and meet all your needs!


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