Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Time To Wake Up With Tea!

Americans, why have we been feeling like a ship passing Somalia lately? Could it be due to the DC piracy we experienced lately? HELLO!


May I ask.. did you attend a Tax Tea Party – the Million-Tax-Payer March this week? I did and it was great to just pray, walk and protest together with many other Christian and not-yet-Christian citizens (with Republicans, Libertarians and Democrats—it wasn’t some right wing anti government conspiracy). Yup, a great place to make some friends. I would encourage you to go and let your voice be heard.


Now, why did I attend this thing with so many politically minded people? Well I feel very concerned about this country that has Christian roots, yet has decreased in Great Commission involvement over the years.


Did you know that we (the American Church) used to be number one in the world for sending missionaries to areas of need around the globe to fish for souls? Now the American Church is sadly a junior partner in this area? And American Christians are over taxed and becoming more and more oppressed by a government that has grown much too large and intrusive.


You know all too well, how we live in a country that has not only become a non-Christian nation, but now we live in a nation that is anti-Christian. Suffering for the church is on the horizon. Sure we have had our share of Christian and religious leaders / presidents, but were we ever a Christian nation in our history? I think our founding father’s came here to have that. That would have been and still would be great. One thing is for sure, we are a Nation where the Church needs to pray hard and live committed to Jesus Christ like never before. Did you know there never was a tax on Americans until FDR and Wilson?


Let’s try something again.. turning back to the Lord, and humble prayer to the God of Heaven in Jesus Name, and practice what we preach. Let intercede for our mixed up nation gone astray!


"Hey Kurt, you’ve gone way overboard now” you might say. Have I? Well, it is extremely simple… the printing of bookooos of money when we have nothing to back it up with has never worked before to help a failing economy. Go learn from history!


You and I need to repeal the stupid stimulus; it ain’t stimulating anything! The bailouts aren’t bailing us out, the rescues don't rescue! I say it’s just more generational theft ..more next generation-child abuse! I say, Fed-zilla, listen up: Leave our grandkids money alone! We want a fair tax for all and righteous American leadership, so we can be about our main!


I say, no taxation without proper implementation heavy tax without proper representation!


There were over 12,500 people at New York City Tea Party. And did you visit or see the San Antonio Tea Party in front of where the battle at the Alamo happened? There was a great crowd there, (reported to be 16,000). They of course were well-behaved as is typical. Where were the reporters or police? We didn’t need them. Great speakers and entertainment and the place was very clean when the party was over. Just a wonderful exceptional experience. The movement is now growing. Should this type of involvement come before your relationship with Christ or with his Church? No, but... hoping alone in this sense.. for change for our country without any positive action is merely a waste of energy. If we don't stand up and speak up.. if we don't pray.. then we are simply too passive about things that matter here.

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