Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Already? Time Seems To Fly By When You're Having Fun!

There are a lot of fun rowdy people from Mississippi and Lubbock Texas here in Dallas this weekend with real thick unique accents (but they’d probably say that I was the one who had an accent tough).

Yes, I have run into some of them here and there and have not always been able to understand what they are saying to each other or to me, but it’s been interesting all the same.

Really nice people too—some of them are from rural areas and others are from medium sized cities. They are like Texans in that they love football! Today the people from Mississippi are celebrating today with all the stops out ..yes, as they say here in the south “whole hog.”

I can still hear a lot of whoppin', howlin', hollerin', chantin', and drumming goin' on in downtown Dallas from the Ole Miss fans and from the players. They are the Cotton Bowl victors this year (47-34) and we take our Stetson hats off to them. As I read through the Revelation, it would appear that there will be a lot of loud and and what I call rowdy worship, hollering, shouting and cheering in heaven one day soon as well. You're so wrong if you thing it will be boring up there. Who wants to sit around and play harps forever? Will you be there to righteously party with us ..due to the great victory that Jesus has won for us over sin, Satan, sickness, the flesh, the world, evil, pain and death?

Some of the Texas Tech people here look pretty down though. One parent told me that he and his family would never return to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas again saying, “Every time we come here for the game, we lose!” Man, it’s so sad to see people get so down and depressed over a football game and this literally affects fans a couple days--I've seen it happen. I’ve even seen my beautiful wife, Liney, feel like that before when the Denver Broncos lose to the Cowboys. She is for any team who will play the Cowboys. I do feel for her. She has even told Roger Stabuch, Troy Achman and other Cowboys to their faces that she holds a resentment against them for winning. I personally think it's better to win than to lose and it's better to have peace that harbor resentment.

To be a victor in God's Kingdom you've got to be filled with the Word and with God's Spirit each day. One verse from one of my favorite psalms (119:165, nkjv) says, “Great peace have those who love Your law and nothing causes them to stumble.”

Want real and lasting peace inside? You can enjoy such peace in a close relationship with Christ. Let Jesus be your Savior and Lord today and in everything you do during 2009!

The Bible says of God,
"You have dealt well with Your servant, O Lord, according to Your Word" (Ps. 119:65).

My Bible—worn from years of fingered use, penciled margins, verses underlined,

With edges frayed and many pages loose—shows where God impressed my heart and mind. —F. Hess

One Bible teacher said, "Every believer should wreck a copy of the Bible every 10 years." In other words, you and I should really enjoy and use our Bibles so much that they gradually wear out and then we should go buy another one..and I say we should before we go buy shoes. Yes, a Bible that's falling apart is usually a sign of a Christian person who isn't!

Have you ever read through the entire Bible in a year before? Perhaps it's harder for you to read now due to your failing sight. Then try going through the entire Book with an MP3 Bible or along with your reading of the Bible at home. I love hearing mine on the roads all over Dallas. Remember, with prayer and faith, God can use this Bible time to change you from the inside out. You really ought a try this in 2009! Go for it!
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