Thursday, October 30, 2008

Will You Serve Christ Or A Liar?

We here in Texas (my family) are doing well this month. Blessed and ready to go with the Gospel! Thanks for the prayers. It's no time to quit or be distracted; it's time to be encouraged in the Lord, to be on-fire and to fight the good fight of faith in righteousness! We have peace, have joy, have Jesus and now pray God's will be done in this Land! Too many still don't.

Who are you going to serve today on October 31st (..or during everyday in your future for that matter)? Will it be Christ or a liar? Will you influence others in a positive way for Jesus (by your good attitude, good deeds, good example and by sharing the Gospel with others) or influence others in a negative way? It's a no-brainer Who we should serve.. huh. One to serve is very honest and kind and the other one is a deceiver (the devil, who is out to totally trash you and all that you hold dear).

Mr. Lu Cifer Is A Well-practiced Liar

There is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies. —John 8:44, nlt

Satan has been around a long time studying the gullibility, weaknesses and life-patterns of people ..and he knows how to deceive them. He’s a very cunning and clever liar because he can make his lies sound like the truth. In fact he likes to mix God’s truth with his poisonous lies (we’ve unfortunately also seen many ministers even within Christendom and some political leaders do this). That’s why we must be filled with Christ’s Spirit, with faith and with discernment today.

Faith of our fathers, living still in spite of dungeon, fire,

and sword—O how our hearts beat high with joy..

whene'er we hear that glorious Word! —Faber

Are you filled with faith, with the Holy Spirit and a desire to help people? If so you are a threat to Hell. Yes, Satan is wanting to throw-down and take you out ..permanently! He has a goal to rearrange your thought processes in order to get you to doubt God. But Christ is our victory today and you can know Him in a personal and meaningful way ..not just know about Him.

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