Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Plan For The Plain

Good day gang! As the world sleeps-in today (Saturday morning) least on this side of the planet as the is sun is almost up, for some reason I got up early and I'm starting to get around alright I guess. I've got a big week ahead starting today.

I'm just one... an ordinary dude that is stirring ...and that of course could lead to "stirring-up trouble" ..without seeking to make trouble... ya know..shaking up the fruitbasket a bit. Hey, it happens. No worries. That's why I need to get alone and be still. God is love, He'll pour it in me and I'll let Him. But how 'bout you – how you feelin'? Are you awake yet?

Ever feel like there's no place for you to fit in?

Ever feel extra plain, ordinary and insignificant – totally un-useable by God? Remember that feelings lie.

“Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking God uses only ‘special’ people the strong, the intelligent, the beautiful. We don't think He has a place for the rest of us. We are so wrong!” — Chuck Smith

In all of our daily activity, the Lord is seeking to bring ordinary common folk into a close loving relationship with Himself through Jesus Christ. He wants us more than what we can do for Him, but He also have something for us to do.

The Lord desires the non-coerced, non-manipulated, free trust and grateful love of plain men, women, boys and girls. He really loves us! So He works through everyday down-to-earth type of believers who are in-touch with their extraordinary Father (God) to bring others in-touch …as they obey the Great Commandment (Matt. 22:37-38) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) in the Spirit.

Build your life upon a relationship with the Jesus of the Bible today. He came out of that tomb—He is still alive and there for you. Why build it on anything else (See 1 Cor. 3:11-23)? It's through your life and mine… through our dedicated gifts, training and talents… through our personal witness as we live it and tell It… it’s through the united supernatural ministry of ordinary Christians, that the Lord is winning over the trust and obedience of irreligious people worldwide. What a HUGE honor and privilege to be co-laborers with Christ! It’s a HUGE responsibility to be ordinary but faithful stewards! (See 1 Cor. 4:2).

The planet's population continues to explode: from 1 billion in 1820, to 2 billion in 1930, 3 billion in 1960, 4 billion in 1974, 5 billion in 1988, 6 billion in 2000 and today the world's population is believed to be 6,704,845,726. Millions of ordinary souls haven't heard about God's loving Son yet, so we must witness where we are and tell them one by one. That’s His plan and He hasn’t chosen ordinary angels to take part in it. He wants you and me.

The Apostle Paul said, “This ‘foolish’ plan of God is far wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God's weakness is far stronger than the greatest of human strength. Remember, dear brothers and sisters, that few of you were wise in the world's eyes, or powerful, or wealthy when God called you. Instead, God deliberately chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose those who are powerless to shame those who are powerful. God chose things despised by the world, things counted as nothing at all, and used them” (1 Cor. 1:25-28).

Feeling ordinary today? Feelin' powerless, weak, needy? You're probably despised by some people around you. Well, cheer up! God has a heart and a cool plan for ordinary people. You matter and He will use you as you call out to Him! Yes, look to Him to meet all your needs, not just some of them. Look to Him for those in your vicinity
too. If you are away from Him, lukewarm or distracted, come home before dark. —kurt

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