Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Interesting. This man has said the EU must be “punitive in its negotiations with Britain” as a signal to warn other deviant countries. EXPOSE: Do you know of this guy? You need to. He calls himself “the adult in the room,” the one “you want in charge” during tumultuous times. He's been called the "mini-Fuhrer", a Eurocrat "monster" and he's overtly anti-American. What's he lust over? He really wants that "EU army" they've been putting together. Herr Marin Selmayr at 47 years old (the Secretary General of the whole European Commission) is feared as the most powerful man in Europe. He doesn't hide it -- his plan is to establish the EU as an all-powerful supranational / globalist entity in a multipolar world for the purpose of challenging the USA. The EU is an unelected, bloated, overpaid bureaucracy and Herr Selmayr is hell bent on his own accomplishments and fulfilling his extended role. From where did he spring from? His family roots are kinda noteworthy. No lie. They tie him on both his maternal and paternal sides to the Nazi Wehrmacht. His grandfathers on both sides were important Generals in WWII — for Hitler.

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