Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What!? How could that be, Mary? Now what’s the right thing for me to do? Just wondering about Joe's thoughts.

Reminds me of...
"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up." ~ James 4:10 
Joseph worked hard, was poor, and he’s engaged. One day his babe had this uber-fantastic, outrageous story about being pregnant but never had relations with any man. In fact, God is the dad here. For real. 
So Joseph was going to put her way without shaming her at all. Then Joe hears from a real angel and obeys God by taking Mary has his bride. Man, was she like 14 or 15 years of age. 
Joe got rad-blessed cuz he cooperated with God’s plan. Mary did too. The shepherds stunk in their dirty job, but they did to.. cuz they cooperated with God’s plan. 
No midwife, no ER, or even a hospital or Inn. There was a barn of sorts, some animals, shepherds, a bright star.. man, what a setting. Mary treasured up all the words she heard and pondered them in her heart. She was a woman of the word, not a woman of the world. 
God still has the last word in Christmas.
Wanna be blessed out of your Christmas stockings? Cooperate with the highest authority like Joe, celebrate what’s really good like the angels, and contemplate the truth of God’s word ...just like Mary did. #Joshua1:8
God loves you more than gobs! Whom He chooses and uses -- those are the ones who simply turn and trust in the Lord. Come to Him right now, just like you are.

What kind of birthday party guests are the shepherds? Smelly and all? They made their way and then saw the baby in a manger. They told people about the Good News! They went back home and told everybody. They gossiped the gospel. The Angels celebrated too. Hey, God knows what He’s doing -- still does. Are you bless-able? God’s grace has been shown to all people. 

(Yeah, I like tree pics -- I consider those bait to get your attention so you'll read the Bible Message)

God chose to use and bless this couple. They got blessed cuz they believed -- they were totally bless-able. Let's all live like that!  
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