Monday, December 3, 2018

Is a really small baby a human? You have a good location right. With that do you have more value than they... but they aren't so developed yet. Does that make them have less value?

Are you a teenager? Got a question for you. Mr. Shakiel O’Neil isn’t more valuable than you.. just cuz you’re smaller.. or is he more valuable?  Does his good location make him more valuable than you?  I'm sure his dwelling and location are wonderful. NBA stars can afford a nice pad, but If he is or isn't more valuable..then please argue your stance. The why of it.  You perhaps currently depend on your parents, so are your parents more valuable than you are.. or?  They are more human than you, and more valuable right.. cuz they are more developed than you are.. or?  Is that true.  Aren’t they?  Nope. All have great value. Wondering some. How would a pre-born baby pray, like if they knew mommy's language already and could be taught to pray? How would you.. in that situation.. pray if you knew the language? 

Factoid. We do care for people -- and Jesus does more. His real followers do (you, like us, need a healthy Christian church for some support really). So with all due respect, please allow me to ask you.. Why would dependent-human-babies in the womb be of less value than you now are? Millions of Americans have now had an experience with an abortion, so I get it.. that many might not want to even face what they did to their child. Apart from that. Are you pregnant right now?.. cuz you can make a wise choice early-on.. that you really won't regret later on.  What's not to love about that, or about your baby?  


What would your child pray if they could be taught to pray to the Maker of all children? 


Why assume that the unborn aren’t human. None can prove that anywhere, but all can turn and trust the God who creates people from scratch.  
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