Monday, November 26, 2018

Wat.. who’s the fairest of them all? Okay, to me there is One in the whole universe. His name is Jesus. Yup.

Who? What? Where? Things.. personalities? Beautiful? 
It might last “a little while” with some individuals, the grass withers and the flower fades.. but it’s not that way with God’s personality. He’s always the most beautiful person. Doesn’t change. So SO pure, so thoughtful, so good, so unselfish and kind in His character. And He sees where you go, what you say, and think with the motives. Why? Well, He loves you so much He just can’t take his eyes off of you. Ponder this.  
Never lose an opportunity of seein' what really needs to be seen.. not all needs to be.. or of hearin' what needs to be heard.


Makes ya think. Anything?..some things sure! You know how many persons have been made beautiful outwardly ..a good God made em that way..  but today via personal choices are far from that inwardly. And beautiful people for money etc today still lure others away into evil, but not all. So SO arrogant, selfish and ugly inside, but they don’t really have to stay that way even if they can’t regain all that they’ve lost. Mr. Lu-Cifer was very beaufiful, he still lures people away into sin. I mean that fallen angel a.k.a. Satan with his creepy crowd and he can’t repent ever -- no hope for him, he is firmly set in his rebellious sin and he still wants and seeks to take as many people down as possible with him. Down forever, no return. Misery loves company I guess. But there’s a bit of time for you it appears -- you can still turn and trust Christ. Choices matter, and some more than others. One is far more. KurtwVs IG
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