Friday, July 27, 2018

Bein' a wild dude or dudette is okay, but bein' a wicked-wild one really ain't.

Queen Jezebel murdered an innocent man. Why? It was for her pouty mama's boy husband who coveted another’s land. And they were totally judged, but not immediately. Plant better seeds in your heart and mind now, so you don’t reap a bad harvest like they did later on. 

King Ahab was this dude who had succeeded his father Omri on the throne of Israel. He not only followed the ways of evil Jeroboam, but "did evil in the sight of the Lord above all that were before him. And it came to pass, as if it had been a light thing for him to walk in the sins of Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, that he took to wife Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Zidonians, and went and served Baal, and worshipped him." Ahab was disobeying the plain command of God (see Deut. 7:3Josh. 23:12-13) in marrying a non-believing for real heathen woman, and, moreover, he was putting himself under her power. She was outwardly beautiful, but not in her heart or mind. She was an utterly unscrupulous woman, whose first influence over her weak husband was to induce him to build a house for Baal‐worship, and rear up an altar to the false god which she served.
Not content with this, Jezebel, who seems to have had a peculiar influence over her husband, and to have made use of the weakness of his character to gain her own wicked ends, commenced. Remember when Ahab wanted the land of his neighbor? What did his wife do when he was turned down?
She illegally used her husband's signet ring, she got ticked off inside, pride offended.. angry at their innocent neighbor. She then forged her husband's name for this soon coming ..very selfish gain.
She was totally guilty of perjury.. for the sake of her wicked cowardly evil husband who coveted a garden that wasn't even his. Queen Jezebel and her wimpy husband Ahab together sinned against Mr. Naboth. She murdered him just to gain his property. 
He was falsely charged, he was snuffed out physically..outside. It happened to Jesus Christ too outside the city gates...for you and me, sinners.
Arrogant creepy reprobate, Jezebel, killed a really courageous man -- Mr Naboth (who was willing to die in order to do what was right) and she then killed all of his sons as well just to cover up her crime.
This world needs more people like him and Elijah who was also in this story... people who will tell and do the truth. 
God judges people who do wrong to others, but not always right away. Many people turn away from Jesus, from Christianity and from God the Father because.. hey, it’s true. God judges sin. And why? Well, God is wrathful because he is loving! He loves you. Only when you see that the sword of Wrath is in God's hand so the speak... will you want to lay it down from your own hand. Don’t be vengeful. God will repay and one day there will be full Justice before our eyes. Don't allow the spirit of vengeance to be in your heart for even a second. We will reap a harvest at the right time if we sow to the Spirit instead of to the flesh. Forget about last years good crop... failure. You have wasted good work and so have I. Focus on Christ and the long-term harvest, and not on the short-term pleasures. What does God say?
"Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. I will repay.."
All things are naked and open before God, and nothing is hidden from His sight. Don't allow covetousness or hate to take root in your heart.
One day Ahab was out in the midst of his new ill-gotten gain and while checking it out there in the field somebody showed up. Elijah the preacher showed up to meet him. Uh-oh! It was time for a truth wake up call for Ahab. And later on guess what happened to his wife!
The dogs ate Queen Jezebel out in the dirt. No more Castle life for her. 
Man, I love dogs and other animals. God made em and you -- you have more value to him. He can use lots of things, lots of animals, and people to get His job done. Not fully sure how he will do stuff in the future with all the specific details I men. Let's opt not to be like Ahab and his strange wife. 

Read about this story in the Bible -- see the context.

I say.. turn to Christ before the day of God's wrath fully lands here. There will be a Great Tribulation period which is not far off.
Everything that Elijah said came to pass.
Note.. God was compassionate to a Ahab (he still is) when Ahab in time actually repented (to be honest, I didn't really want him to. To be candid, sometimes I struggle with wanting some people to. Grab that God is more gracious than I am). But there's no sin so wicked that God cannot forgive. God loves you, buckaroo!!! Turn now. Come to Jesus just as you are and in faith ask for Him forgiveness. Self-righteousness isn't righteous enough to get into heaven. He will wash you and accept you and show you His love if you simply turn to him!
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