Saturday, March 24, 2018

Go for it, where He leads you, on purpose. “Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ― Ibn Battuta

Travel on purpose and for One? Wat? Where?

Hey, I don't live for pleasure, but why can't we believers when we travel professionally or perhaps go for some vacay pleasure.. just go with God as well as share His Gospel as we go? It's all about befriending people long-term. Really long-term.

Done a lot of things in my life to fund this, and to be transparent with you here I personally don't mind cuz I never want to become a burden on anyone. But Christ and His mission are on my heart -- I just love to go spread the Christian Gospel far and wide. Sure, as I travel near (like across the street) or far (over some seas). You can do this! It's the greatest JOY and adventure one can find. Daily, starting where you live with those you care about.

I used to be a full on party animal and was left out of this in the cold. No more! Is that where you are today? What's your story?
People need to here this truth. In California growing up in the 70's this is the message I heard and I will never be the same. Went to Europe for some 5 years with this message and before pastoring in Germany wife Liney and I will never forget crossing the English Channel on a vacation ship to Belgium with a guy name Igor from Eastern Europe we met.
As we somehow got on the topic of eternity and a few scriptures, Igor told his new friends, us, about his lost condition and fears of the future. And so we did what any normal believer would do...we explained God's plan of salvation a bit more and led him in a prayer of repentance and faith, where he found Christ as his Savior half way to the destination.
Why can't vacation trips or others types of travel have proper worship involved, and a missions purpose mixed in there? I mean so that others in many Lands can hear and be blessed in the biggest way possible?
Now I daily help people go all over, and enjoy the privilege of leading a group of Global Media Outreach missionaries who do follow up ministry (most of the time it for Yup, we do this as we go and from wherever we go. It's a lifestyle in relationship with the Lord of the harvest. Glad for the Word and for technology tools to do this. You can do this too.
People I meet everywhere travel for business, for exploration, for a vacay cruise, for many reasons, but why can't Christians be refreshed with rest as they pray or relax on beaches.. as well as witnessing of their faith and Joy in Jesus? You can turn and trust. It can happen, God can use you -- that's traveling on purpose and for One!
Why can't any type of trip overseas, any type of travel not over-water.. going anywhere involve believing, proper life-balance, times of personal worship, some refreshing biblical prayer times and simply have a mission's kinda purpose mixed in there? I've found that most people of different Lands never mind hearing the Gospel explained in a respectful non-religious sort of way.
In these dark days that we've all been experiencing as we see the news, I just want to encourage people in this -- in Christ. Been told I'm a vertical motivator.. as folks go horizontal.
Listen, God is light. His powerful light can scatter the lame darkness of the world that has long held people down. He is the One who can get you out of a life of darkness.
"This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all." 1 John 1:5
Can you think of a more refreshing trip to take, than one with His as Lord? I mean, going places to conduct business under His watch-care and lead, so that others in many Lands can hear and be blessed in the biggest way possible? Kingdom biz can happen in places where other biz happens.

“A life isn’t significant except its impact on other lives.” ~ Jackie Robinson
Always kinda been thinkin’ that travel should be that way too. Go shine.
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