Tuesday, February 20, 2018

They can take your life, believer, if they really want to, but they can’t take it twice.

Never can. They can stop your breath if they want to, but they can’t take it twice. Never! 

Me figures.. short-term pain beats really long-term. Might not have to endure long pains, but who doesn't already experience short-term aches and pains from time to time? The fall happened here, that's why. Trials come and go (think em not uber-strange) and they can work for us if we respond right. But lost people have troubles that work against them. The way of the transgressor is hard. But they too can respond right--they can turn to the Comforter who loves us. Jesus waits patiently. Turn. So longs to forgive, help and bless.  

Might not have to endure long-term pain (that'd be cool)--might not be around long. Hope you are. Personal wish. Who doesn't have any pains ..ever?  

Cause yourself and others no pain, no weirdness, or harm. Why do that? Stop slicin’ you. You ain't yours, you've been bought at a price. 

You'll never be touched by the second death, believer. Physical death is total separation from your body. You’ll get a new and better one. Spiritual death is separation from God. Why have that forever? 
Be born again. “You must be born again” said Jesus. Good idea, let’s be friends and fam -- let’s hang together without end. 
If you're born once, you'll die twice. If you're born twice (I mean physically and spiritually) you'll only die once -- you might even be raptured on outta here before that cuz we now be in the last days. At least you and I be in our last days.  
Need the warmth of family? Come. Maybe yours has let you down? There’s a fam for you. Bad idea: clean yourself up and then come to Christ. Good idea: Come to Christ now, and allow Him to clean you. He will. He works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure. I find I now loathe what I used to love.. sin.. and now love what I used to loathe. Bible reading, time praying, and fellowship with my forever-family. Facebook.com/shareJesus
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