Sunday, December 31, 2017

Twenty eighteen and it's still okay to dream -- it's okay to beam.

It's okay to put aside daydreamin' and live in the real world as well! Can you believe it's another New Year starting? You're so blessed and time just flies when you're havin' the right kind of fun in the Lord. Other types of fun, who needs it? 

This 2018 year is upon us now and I'm excited about what God will do. 2017 was then, and this is now--we have a hunger to know and follow You.. better. Real well, God.  

Spring up O well and make others well. What's my part, God? Never wanna be out of sync with Heaven.. with Your purpose! We can evangelize or fossilize! 

What's the plan.. Your's Lord?.. please help us plan right. Most of God's people are just meandering around on the way to heaven, but we want to plan well and work that plan well. We want your biblical strategy..even with working our way through all the Scriptures.. all the counsels of God. How could we not grow well? 

We want to see You work in Your church, we want to go tell someone. Lord, make us better acquainted with your rivers of living water. 

I ask for biblical inspiration, faithful appropriation, and wise application. Wanna be a part of all that so that my friends and family will experience You, Lord. Wanna share the Gospel with passion and make disciples, not impede or block your grace. Pour out Your Spirit here. Flow through. Bless and use my buds to bless. We're forgiven and blessed to be a blessing as other are forgiven. 

Jesus said we are either for or against Him, we are gathering or scattering. 

More grace is needed this year. Bless my on and offline-missionary friends and others too.. yup, through me. Through us, Lord!

More people can turn and trust Jesus Christ this year..even now! Perhaps you want God to use you this 2018 in biblically winning and disciplining hungry people? I just encouraged my friend Bill to get involved
Friends, you won't missionally cross a street to a neighbor's house, or prayerfully cross a mountain range to one, or #TravelOnPurpose crossin' an ocean unless you look away from the past, from where you've been..and forget about the things of the worldly shore. Today is a day to remember a bit (especially the verses memorized), to look up and to look and go forward with Christ! I like traveling when God directs, but ya don't need a plane ticket to minister in the 10/40 window in 2018.
During days of hard facts and gobs of pessimistic thinking the prophet Isaiah once wrote, “Do not remember the former things.. I am about to do a new thing.” Those words are for now as well. As this New Year begins would you intercede with words something like these...
Lord, in 2018 give to me and to my believing friends, I pray:
A remembering heart for the things that have happened and that I need to gain insight from.
An attentive heart to what I've learned and am learning.
A forgiving heart for the people and how they might have let me down or hurt.
A grateful heart for what has blessed.
A brave heart with wisdom for what may be required.
An open heart to all that may come.
A trusting heart to go forth with You.
A loving heart for You first and for people -- for all your creation.
A longing heart for the reconciliation of other sinners like me, and all things. (See Romans 8:28-29 when you get a free moment).
A willing heart to say “Yes Lord” to what You will have me think, be, say and do. In #Jesus' Name. Amen. 
Let's stop debating, splitting hairs and arguing about the Bible and start focusing on the living Word of God, on His essentials and on lovingly sharing Christ's Gospel instead!

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