Sunday, February 5, 2017

My schedule is too full for another ungracious Soros-funded mob crisis.

Why such a push for no boarders?
That's SO of worldliness in our day. Humanitarianism can happen properly – it doesn’t have to be the smoke-screen for some else, Frau Merkel and Hollywood celebrities.
God ain’t a one world Gov or a one world religion Globalist. He’s a kind and practical Nationalist kind of God–He created the nation’s and appreciate so many of the differences.
He deeply loves you, man or woman, and He loves the Nations of men. Doesn’t want em done away with here. We can all be together worshipping the Lord on earth in the millennium later on.
Not to scare anyone.. but one day soon there’ll be a one world Gov with the anti-Christ, and a one world religion with a False Prophet here.. but that day is not this day. This could certainly be the day for the Rapture (the catching away..up) of the Church though–be ready in Christ!
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