Monday, December 5, 2016

So what's Christmas really supposed to be all about?

"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." ~ Jesus John 8:12

That's exactly what the first Christmas was all about. Light from God entering in this dark world. It's about God sending His own Son Jesus to rescue us from our sin, our bad habits of wrong-doin', from and eternity apart from His love and His heaven. It's about His light -- I love it when this fallen place of hopelessness and those living here on earth.. get all “lit-up” by His Holy Spirit -- just illuminated with hope inside again! It can happen. 

Remember the first Christmas and how, “the glory of the Lord shone around” em out tending their woolly flocks (Luke 2:9). 

It happened around common shepherds ..not powerful folk or celebs.. who were out doing their simple work. They saw it that holy light, and what came next? This did, a cool rendition of “Glory to God in the Highest” by God's angelic choir (v. 14). 

The shepherds had to go check it all out in Bethlehem to see if what the angels said had some veracity (v. 15). It did. The Bible says, “When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child” (v. 17). That's what we get to do after we encounter the living Christ! We get to know him well and go make Him well known. But who among us has not yet clearly heard the Christmas Message and I mean, understood it? Who has not at all had the Gospel spread as far as to them? If it has gotten to you.. if you were born of God's Spirit, then this Christmas has more meaning. So why not pray and share Christ's Message of hope with others. He is still “the light of the world”—that has come (John 8:12). So would you perhaps pray something like this...
Lord, thanks for the manger, the Cross and the empty tomb. It's so great to know You all year around. It's better than epic! But many people around us are lacking funds, hope, joy, opportunities etc. Many of them deeply miss their loved ones during this time of year, and some feel really depressed inside not quite sure of what they are missing--what they were designed for. In Jesus's Name please help me during this Christmas season to shine brightly, so that they can benefit from your Good News. With joy running over, with Your kind of sensitivity and honesty, just keep and use us believers to tactfully reflect the light of Your presence and goodness to hurting people that we come across. Amen.
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