Monday, December 19, 2016

Feel afraid or depressed? Or do you have peace inside. 79 percent of Americans believe that a terrorist attack is imminent on U.S. turf.

When depressed, worried, stressed or fearful, here's some stuff to help with that.

Pray through to the Father in Jesus Name. Connect vertically with the One that you need to connect with most. Expect not any one day like Christmas to make you happy. His presence gives joy, not mere temporal presents.

Go do something for someone else who has it worse off than you currently have it. This actually releases endorphins and more than that (you've heard of the runner's high, well this is called "the giver's high" for real. Got no money, no prob. Give a good witness away today). Help the reader come to you now as they are Jesus and receive eternal life. Free!
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