Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just had our U.S. election and emotions are runnin' wild.

It's been kinda crazy out there lately. 

Just had our U.S. election and emotions are running off the charts and off the chain. Was interesting. FDR won because of time on the radio, JFK won because of bein' sharp on television, and DJT just won because of social media. He on Twitter mainly etc... along with his friends, they went past the lying TV News Media right to the people where they are. He and they went directly to em.. with many good ideas instead of merely hiding away from the people while lacking them. It's fact. Just the way it is. We as a people and as individuals, now need to move on with God and grow.  

So, are you feeling ticked, frustrated, anxious, self-worked up, self or/rioter-agitated after the election? You'd do better to chill out cuz it's all under control. Here's why: God loves you and has a plan. See Psalm 103:19. 

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