Thursday, October 6, 2016

Every day..even today, you are either sowing to the flesh or we are sowing to the Spirit.

Have really bad things happened in your life and now you're mad at God? I've got a friend here in Dallas who feels that way and now cusses God out.
He lost $600,000 in the stock market and says he’s now an atheist. God didn’t make him invest that way.
Do you believe that the crucifixion of Christ on the cross was evil?
In the book of Acts the Bible says that evil men crucified him.
Do you believe that the crucifixion of Christ was good? The answer to both questions is yes. God is the only one that can take evil happenings and work them for good for his kids.
Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt where God use him to save the world. He told his brothers you meant it evil for evil but God meant it for good.
Think about the horrible story of Ethel Waters and what happened to her. Go check it out. Even today God can take the evil things that have happened to you and turn them into blessings for you in him. Temporary sorrow can be turned into permanent lasting Joy.. ugly things turned into beauty because of the grace of God.
Jonathan Edwards says the happiness he Experiencing God was beyond the reach of his enemies who did him harm. It’s a complete joy that no man can take away from you. The greater the sorrow the greater the joy.. For born-again believers. Our light and momentary troubles can be turned. The more sorrow the more Glory will be revealed so hang in there and keep seeking the Lord.
Man Friday was dark, but Sunday is on the way.
Ask and you shall receive that your joy may be complete–no one can take your joy from you. In the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer… take heart for Jesus has overcome the world! Help is on the way.

"Every single day we are either sowing to the flesh or we are sowing to the Spirit." ~ Erwin W. Lutzer

Heaven is for you and your friends. Feed your faith not your doubts. Help others too. Heard an old song today sayin' "We hear so much from so many that we don’t really know much at all. ‘Everyone talkin’ 'bout heaven ain’t a goin’ there." 

You were born with gifts to use.. for God's glory, for others too. If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea that you have gobs of potential inside, soul-winnning and edifying sorta potential.. you just need to pray n start gettin’ comfortable with it. Cuz how else will reach it, Buttercup?
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