Friday, September 2, 2016

You can understand what's going on in this crazy world around you.

Why is it important for Christians to watch, pray and be aware of what's happening in the world around them.. along with knowin’ sound Biblical prophecy regarding these end times?

Here’s why: It’s made very clear through these Bible verses dealing with the rapture a.k.a. the snatching away of the bride of Christ (the Church as God sees it--regenerated people). 

The importance of knowing what God’s word teaches regarding these end times is rad important for you. Yup, sure is. 
That Day should not overtake us as a thief. Know the Lord early--today.

Hey Buckeroo, you really want to be apart of this soon coming event--the Rapture on outta here!

So when I post some world events or verses related to what’s going on.. check em out – clear indicators according to the real news and Gods solid word. We are to be watching, awake and ready..helping to get others ready too.
Jesus loves terrorists, but not what they do to others. He hates the hurting and killing people. He hates sin and so should we. But He loves you gobs, and refugees, and me too--sinners, and he can save and change any of us. Today is a good day to pray for all people and for your nation during these critical days. 
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