Saturday, September 3, 2016

Here's a good formula for ya.. for bein’ happy and leadin’ others on into truly happy.

GFTOATS - God first, then others, and after that.. self. = :  )

Kinda different yet easy to say, but it takes the Holy Spirit's anointing in and on your life to pull this off. There ya have it, that's my mnemonic device for leadin' on into a lasting happy. Yup, simple as that. It's about holiness, yes first turning from those things of death and unholy.. to what's of life and authentically holy as you relate to the Lord. It's about properly prioritizing biblically.
It takes ongoing discipline with grace, with truth, with God's wisdom and with others! It takes maintaining right priorities.. good habits upwards and outwards.. together with the Body of Christ (the real Church as God see it). Tahdah! Real success and joy are yours in the Lord!
Holy means happy! God wants all of his followers to be holy and subsequently really happy. What do you mean?
Holiness doesn’t mean abstaining from pleasure; holiness means recognizing Jesus as the source of life’s greatest pleasure. Spurgeon put it this way: “Holiness is the royal road to happiness. The death of sin is the life of joy.” For those of us who are Christ-centered believers, our lives should overflow with both holiness and happiness. In Revelation 20:6, makarios, a Greek word meaning “happy,” is joined with hagios, meaning “holy.”

The following versions capture this beautiful combination:

* Happy and holy [is] he who is having part in the first rising again. (Rev. 20:6 Young’s Literal Translation) 
* Those who are raised from the dead during this first time are happy and holy. The second death has no power over them. (Rev. 20:6 New Life Version) 
* Happy and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! (Rev. 20:6 PHILLIPS)
Sadly, too often our message to the world becomes a false gospel that lays upon people an impossible burden, as in “to be a Christian, you must give up wanting to be happy and instead choose to be holy.” In fact, happiness and holiness are inseparable. “Give up happiness; choose holiness instead” is not good news, and therefore it is not the “good news of happiness” spoken of in Scripture (Isaiah 52:7)!

Question: Does it matter whether we believe that God is happy?

It matters immensely says author, Randy Alcorn. "If God isn’t happy, he can’t be our source of happiness. An unhappy God would never value nor assure the everlasting happiness of his creatures. We would never ask for grace from an ungracious God, kindness from an unkind God, or happiness from an unhappy God. It would be like asking a poor man for a million dollars. He can’t give what he doesn’t have."
But remember, it's pretty hard to become happy if we are not helping others to also become happy in the Lord. And never forget.. happiness evades those who seek it directly, without seeking the Lord first and His will. 

"The bottom line in leadership isn't how far we advance ourselves, but how far we advance others." ~ John Maxwell

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or empty pride, but in humility consider others more important than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others." ~ Paul, Philippians 2:3

Such a positive thing! The measure of leadership is really healthy influence in the best direction for the group.. nothing more, nothing less, nothing else! Be and stay a joyous learner! Have good timing and tact.
Through growth and learning how, when and where.. to apply God's word.. all human problems can be solved because He, Jesus (the Bible Christ), is the ultimate Solution. Remember that the Bible is true, God's promises are sure, and it addresses all the needs of people everywhere. Preach and carefully teach the word in a non-preachy or pushy sorta way.. for the glory of God and for the people's edifying benefit.
Be bold in your God--in the only true and living God. Trust and credibility go hand in hand. When you lack confidence in the Word, the followers will lack commitment. Be what they really need you to be with the right upward focus.
Live not on yesterday's victories. Be grateful and learn from em, but gain new ones by faith. Forgetting the junk that is behind you, and pressing on in Christ ..forward.. that's just better for all.
I challenge you to go there first ..spiritually.. when God leads.. when it's truly good and healthy. And then take others there for their blessing and growth. Believe in what God Himself can do through people! Hope draws its strength from the living Word of God directly, for what can be for each individual in the group, instead of from self or from what was. Don't fleece. Be bright, feed right, lead right.. not all uptight.
A person who cannot wisely sacrifice for others in a holy and appropriate way will never lead em in a healthy way.  And guess what.. the others will eventually know it.  
Happy means earnestly seeking to know and follow Jesus Christ the real leader.. with all your heart. It's for pleasing Him, and then it's for the building up of others!
The Bible says, "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.." ~ Jesus, Matthew 6:32-33
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