Friday, September 9, 2016

Give thanks where thanks belongs to go first, and lead others into this excellent life of gratitude.

What should dauly motivate us to walk close with, real tight with.. and non-stiff-religiously worship God? What statement of praise could you present to the Lord today?

The Bible says, "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name." Psalm 100:4

The gates into God's Kingdom.. on into His presence, they're still open inviting all sinners like me in. Sure, the second Coming hasn't happened yet. And we can come to know Christ better daily and lead others to also worship Him. See Matthew 24:14 in the Bible.

Jesus spent two thirds of his public ministry with Gentiles, and you remember the five commissioning statements he gave to Jewish follower near the end of his life. You remember the mission regarding his Great Commision!

I love song Psalm 100, it's an invitation for the Israelites to enter into the presence of God through the temple gates. They were commanded to enter, to "shout for joy" and to "come before the Lord with righteously joyful songs" of praise (vv. 1–2).

Shouting for joy was an appropriate expression when greeting a decent monarch back in the day, for him in that ancient day.

Well, we have a good King from that day near us today. All the earth was to sing joyfully about God and we still can. The reason for this joyful noise was that God had given them their identity (v. 3). Have you let Him give identity yet?

They entered the gates with praise, joy, prayer, and thanksgiving because of God's goodness and His steadfast, loyal, and enduring LOVE which continues through TO YOU, TO ME, to all generations (vv. 4–5).

Even when the Jews forgot their identity back then and they gradually wandered away from Him after other gods, the living God remained faithful, upbeat.. and He still invited them back. He called them to return and enter His great presence.

Think about how many people during our times ..have left church, and have totally left God.. after worthless idols. Let's example biblical worship first, and call others who've for whatever reason taken a stride from their Masters side.. back to him.

Five hundred people move to my city of Dallas Texas every single day now and the majority don't speak English. God loves em all--internationals--hes bringing the mission fields of this world here to me / us! You can be a grateful worshipper, a pray-er, a truth-learner, a welcomer, a goer, a Spirit directed giver, a sender ..for God's missions efforts. Do you have holy CROSScultural habits of hastening.. for the day of Christ's return?

Give thanks to the Lord for all that he's done for you! Shouldn't our greatest passion be Jesus himself today, and then bringing others to worship him?
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