Friday, April 29, 2016

Innnnfluence, It's kind of Interesting to Watch and Take Part In. Why? Well, cuz It's How People Grow. I Say Pour Into, Add Value In, Accurately Invest Fitting-Up-Build-stuff On Into Em. Do It For God's Glory!

Real leadership is just fascinating to me. You can observe it happening everyday in flawed people like me. You can see it happening from really flawed people too. What exactly is it? Good question. Answer:  Leadership is unselfish effectual influence in a healthy direction. It's the capacity or so called power to both feed and help guide right. It's that ability with responsibility to help other people mature, see their needs met, and go in a positive direction.. instead of remaining static, sickly, or even reverse from such a good direction. Yes, it's positive for all that are included and also for others. It's not about or really out to hurt people. Listen, dreams, longings and inner passions long-stored-up within human hearts can become if ya will.. a source (small "s") of big motivation. The Lord Himself is to be our main Source. How good is that--is He! All the way good. 

Do you need to believe in people to be a leader? Man, I say never forget this: It's so easy to believe in God.. and be confident in what His powerful Word can do in and through anyone. If He can change a person like me, He can change anyone--and He's still workin' on and changing me (yup, a work in progress that has a long way to go. I'm not what I was but I'm still "under construction".. under His watch-care, good directions, and Authority). Man, I can't tell you how stinkin' stubborn and thickheaded I've been at times, but He's been gracious and patient. That's two reasons why I love Him. But think back. Do you remember how Barnabas came along side and befriended a guy named Paul who later said, "That's why I work and struggle so hard, depending on Christ's mighty power that works within me." Colossians 1:29 nlt 
  • Influencers, they desire integrity with people so they can relate to em on a heart-to-heart level, and win em to Christ ..or help em grow spiritually so they can win!
  • Influencers, they aspire to protect, to learn from, to edify and to nurture people at any stage of growth.
  • Influencers, they listen to people in order to understand and help them through.
Think back a ways. You remember how all the disciples in Jerusalem were, "afraid of him (Paul), not believing that he was a disciple. But Barnabas took hold of him and brought him to the apostles and described to them how he had seen the Lord on the road, and that He had talked to him, and how at Damascus he had spoken out boldly in the name of Jesus. And he was with them, moving about freely in Jerusalem, speaking out boldly in the name of the Lord." Acts 9:27

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That was wise discipleship--yes it was real friendship kinda influencing. Prayerfully read that pasage over again and again in it's entire context.. slowly. Think deeply about it. Memorize part or all of it via outloud repetition. Search out other Bible passages dealing with discipleship. See what it is and really isn't. Ask the Lord and yourself--What should I clearly realize and do with that passage? It was needed then and many people need it today. We..many of is get so busy relating digitally today (a lot of that can be great for seed planting, watering or reaping), but getting with people apart from digitally is really necessary too. Hey, you know it! Worshiping the Lord is most important! And winning the lost to Jesus Christ is too--this is a natural outgrowth of such a radically-satisfying upward relationship. But biblical discipleship minus any controlling or manipulation is also important. It's been forgotten by many believers. God wants you to have this accountability, and when the time is right.. He wants you to be used of Him in this work. I challenge you to be / become influence-able (by His truth), flexible (in His grace), and available (for His excellent world-wide plan)!
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