Saturday, January 16, 2016

His way, with His provision and timing. with diligence, with excellence.. all for Him. what's better than that?

me thinks.. there’s a good kinda ambition that’s not selfish, and there’s a negative type. goin’ with the latter type won’t make ya happy.. so why waste your time, emotions etc? yo, do concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing..on Jesus and the will of God. yup, on doing it rather than merely studying about doing it. no distractions, no excuses, no spiritual compromise. less-dual-tasking.. in this distraction filled, uber-busy kinda world..that’s needed. look up to the Lord in prayer, reach up, read His word ..and focus first thing. remember matthew 6:33? why not we all do less better for His smile aka pleasure? remember.. if it’s worth doing.. worth doing at all’s worth doing it with excellence for God the Father’s glory. that’s exactly what and how Christ did it. and He finished well. most’ll choose not to. dunno why. doesn’t matter what they decide, it matters what we each decide and respond to.

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