Wednesday, January 27, 2016


You know how too many people simply echo what others say without vetting or verifying ..just hoping that what was said is right.  That doesn't take primary study or spiritual discernment.  You can do better.  Instead of being like a mere echo repeating the talking points of what's been said in this world, I challenge you to pray, to slow down, and to allow the Lord to prove all things, to speak through you with creativity, with precise accuracy, with His agape concern for people.. with originality.  Sure, God delights to use people for Christ's glory--He still speaks through His kids.  Let it always be in accordance with His Word (the Bible) and kind Spirit.  Pray the Word, Live the Word, and boldly "Preach the Word" in a non-preachy or stiff legalisticly religious kinda way!  Read more... 

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