Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thinking about Paris and what can be done. Shine Jesus shine.. right there where so many French people are crushed in spirit.

Your light shines into the darkness and though those of this world's system cannot comprehend it.. it gives us hope. Yes, a living hope even when many here are sadly losing hope. Thanks Lord Jesus.
“In  H I M  was life, and the life was the  L I G H T  of men.  The LIGHT shines in darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” ~ John 1:4-5 
Seein' a lot of people put up red, white, and blue to stand with those in Paris. Can so understand it--people want to do something. Me too. I say we get or stay ready for what's ahead. I say we choose leaders of our respective nations who will have a heart to better preparatory work to protect their citizens. Duh! Let's pray and plan.. let's be ready, and do more than merely make a hippie peace sign out of the Eiffel Tower. Lies need to be detected and ditched. You know that hearts need to change before this world will. We can come to, or come back to the Prince of Peace. 
Please help the leaders in Europe gain wisdom to protect the innocent regarding all the incoming refugees. And please strongly comfort all those crushed-in-spirit, brokenhearted families in Paris today, Lord. Thank you God!
Leavin’ my “I can’t” behind me. Settin’ “God can”, and the Lord before me.. to lead.
Dead-boltin’.. yeah, fixin’ my gaze on Him!
May I ask.. in your Christian-experience.. are you more so in a wilderness-wandering mode, or enjoying the promised land. Read the book of Joshua cuz it’s there to help move you into a new season of faith instead of fear of terror etc.
Choose to live out of your inheritance instead of out of your current circumstance. Follow Him well as you advance in biblical faith.
Promise land kinda people are realists, but don’t live out of their circumstance. After talking with many Christians in different churches over the years, I’d say some 70 percent feel they are wandering in the wilderness kinda people wanting consistent victory in the Spirit. See Joshua 6.
Listen, what happened in Paris a couple days ago didn’t really originate there or even in Syria before the terrorist were allowed in.. it originated with fallen angels in the dark caverns of a completely loveless hell. A third of em fell due to the same type of pride and rebellion as was exhibited in Paris. See 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.
Yeah, I am one of those guys that fully believes there’s a real devil with his creepy minions, and they ain’t wearin’ tight red puck-rock-hipster spandex. Nor am I one wanting to focus on, or give much air time to em. Why should any human wanna fellowship with or act like those dweebs? Why should any want to be part of their demolition crew instead of part of God’s construction crew? I just don’t get it even when I stop and think long and hard ‘bout it.
Wanna pray without ceasing... 
O Lord, please intervene.. please visit and minister to all those families in Paris as only You can do—in Jesus’ Name.
Wanna sow to the spirit, not to my fleshly nature. Wanna marinate my mind with the God of truth. Yes, be truth-soaked through and through. Filled and refilled with His Spirit so I can know how to act as Jesus would know and be bold to act. In love.
Listen, check it out.. Mr. Lu-Cifer has some major allergies—like when the Scriptures are appropriately quoted in faith. He hates the Sword of the Spirit! And like when that name.. Jesus Christ mentioned, is prayed to, is worshiped and exalted in this earth gone astray. We can be prayed up so to speak, and proclaim the Gospel in order to catch people alive for God… before others do. Like ISIS or other whacked groups. 
God, please be there in Paris today with those dear people. Thank you--it's important to me. Please do empower and equip each of us believers to do all that You have called us to do in love. Amen.

The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder, but the object of my focus remains—Christ, who has and is the ultimate solution to all that sin. Doesn’t want any of us to cause or live in fear. Mohammed is dead and in the grave, but Christ lives, is Lord, and He walked out of His tomb.

Do you want to see terrorism defeated? Then don’t terrorize or be terrorized. Turn, pre-think, pray, prepare.. very practically plan, and live all-out for the Lord. Not half-heartedly. You know He’s so against all that terrorism. Hates it and will one day soon.. stop all of it. Terrorists and those who help them will be judged.
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