Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Man, been so IGNERT in areas. Wish I wasn't.

Everyone is ignorant, but only on different subjects.” ~ Will Rogers
Yes, I’ve been unintentionally ignorant in so many areas, like of the sex trafficking literally plaguing our Land. But my singer song-writer friend Charlie Peacock tells me that this is a huge problem globally these days. He fights it, wanting to be a part of the Solution (anyone can be a part of the Solution with the real Gospel). I also hear that Rad-Islamic Terrorists with ISIS is also making little girls, even American teens, their sex slaves in this arena. Remember Kayla Mueller and her devastated hurting parentsSo sad! I hate that and it might not be happening far away.. before long. Deceived, exploiting, and deceiving others. They use em and lose em, or kill em.   
You know, I can see that 76 times the Bible speaks of harlots and harlotry, and for very good reasons ..just to protect people. Yes, the Bible strongly speaks out against this deadliest of occupations. It’s so dangerous a lifestyle for prostitutes and for any getting involved with em. Don’t do it. 
Many of them learn to steal from their John or Jane to support their drug addictions, and 95% of them are threatened with a gun. Over half of all prostitutes are physically assaulted. 
In Miami it’s a 235 million dollars per year industry, and in Atlanta the rates of those involved is higher. America!.. wake up. We've sowed the wind for decades now, even leading Lands in exporting the porn.. and now we're just reaping the whirlwind in those areas.. i.e., pleasure, sex, adultery, fornication, with a horrific byproduct--millions of abortions and baby body parts sold to the highest bidder via Planned Parenthood etc. It's time for America to repent and believe! 
Did ya know that 10% of American men buy sex. You know how Hollywood spends millions trying to glamorize all this, tweaking their approach each decade.. but It’s so SO heart breaking. 
The average age of a girl to get involved with this is 13 years old and many start by age 12. So many girls, yes girls especially.. they run away from home and the delegated authority figures they know, the daddy that was distant who didn’t show proper love… and then creepy slimy greedy pimps quickly exploit that. They want you addicted fast. 
Please don’t rebel against flawed parents or other delegated authorities.. and become a runaway! Be a run back to your Heavenly Father God first.. even today.  
I personally remember witnessing to three prostitutes who approached me “for a sale” while I was walking to my car that was parked downtown in Dallas a while back. 
I responded with, “No, but I know of a Person who has helped other people in your same profession. There is hope and comfort for you in relationship with Him. It might sound kinda religious but His name is Jesus Christ and He can help you bail on this lifestyle with all the danger cuz He loves you so much.” (Many have called them ladies of pleasure, but they are really people of pain, hopelessness and misery).
I tried not to talk down to them or come off as uber-churchy. They seemed not open and walked away as their pimp called, but if they would have just humbled themselves to turn to Him.. they could be totally manumitted. Even today it can happen. 
Puffed up religious people always assume the worst of people that they meet, but Jesus Christ believes the best of us–He knows what we each can become in relationship with a perfect parent, our heavenly Father. God meets us where we are and lifts us out and upwards. Forgiveness is God’s specialty.  
Be strong in the Lord and show compassion minus compromise. Everyone of us is an ex-something so there is no room for self-righteousness. 
Jesus taught saying, “Truly I say to you that the tax collectors and prostitutes will get into the kingdom of God before you (prideful religious leaders). For John came to you in the way of righteousness and you did not believe him; but the tax collectors and prostitutes did believe him; and you, seeing this, did not even feel remorse afterward so as to believe him.” Matthew 21:31 
Shame off you! Please opt to get into the Kingdom of God before all others that you know.. so that you can then help them to do the same. facebook.com/shareJesus
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