Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Phone still in pocket. Smartwatch on arm still at your side. Stop and take a moment to look and listen.

Give some focused attention today.

Make the choice. Many don’t get near enough.. so many people don’t receive much of that at all. There is far more discouragement out there than we even know.
FA, it says.. So sorry about your hurt.. I am hear for you. 
Ever been so weighed down?
Too many live like that, but you can help. Share a verse or two with them after hearing their heart. Share part of your own story if you've had to deal with the same lame thing. 
Listen, touching can be a good thing.. with the right motive and right heart. A teacher at school shouldn’t duh.. but Jesus touched people He cared about. It’s good to get a simple hug from time to time. 
Pay attention to. Intercede for. People grow old fast, and some never get the chance to. Some relationships just don't last forever.. though you'd really like them to. Pray for your friends. How can you say you really love them, if you don't practice the greatest forms of love while they're briefly here? Just sayin'. 
Time is short--you know that! It's sad but some goodbyes are forever. 

Doesn't need to be that way

We all must choose and not to choose ..is to choose. Uplift intentionally, instead of tear em down via your insensitive cavalier words, actions, or haughty attitudes.. or by what you feel is just neutral blah, blah, blah ..that simply wastes their more than precious time. Let the media talking-heads do all that endless blahhhhhh.
“Anxious hearts are very heavy, but a word of encouragement does wonders!” 12prov.

Give an ear.. a warm instead of an indifferent heart.  “Show proper respect to everyone..”  1 Peter 2:17 

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