Monday, August 3, 2015

Love wise .. whole gobs .. starting at home

I want to talk some on Christian family and devotions together . Question: Are ya currently single that's prayin' to God about the possibility of Him not havin' ya stay that way ? Hey, good idea . if you're ever thinkin' about startin' and buildin' a fam start with the "Inventor of family" . He has a plan so do it His way . 

You know He's enough even if you choose to remain single . Start out in the living Word would-be-wife or husband, or don't start at all for He is love and He is what a family needs to be built upon . If you're called to be married rather than single all of your life, then God the Father tells us to cuz He wants what's best for each of us . You can know if you are called to this . Pray . And don't just get hitched up with any so called reborn Christian (btw: there ain't any other kind - John 3)--let God help you get hitched with the right growing believer . He's far better than some Matching site .. can still communicate with his kids .

When I met Liney (above with our oldest two) .. I wanted her to be different than merely religious . I wanted her to be real and love the Lord more than she loved me, and wanted the same thing for me as well . When your love for Him is greater than for any human, human relationships just work so much better !!

Real basic stuff . Sure, everyone serves some god, so what do you have in common with a person who is headed in completely other away from where God wants to lead you? I mean according to some strange religious or other kind of rules and serving a god that's basically at odds with the living God ? He will have no other gods before Him . 

Don't wait 'til you're hitched to establish personal devotions for growth . Start now !

Love, it's a risk therefore love is brave ... Go to God's love letter early so you can love wise . Choose to love upwards first .. Jesus-wards and then love outwards with what He gives you . And then keep walking in love !

Yes, agape love needs to start at home husband ...  do love at work too .. or while shopping . Anywhere . Love is to put it on the line for Jesus–it’s to be brave in an unloving world . So love bold ... be like that .. in the Lord. Keep on showing charity.. and love wise too . Bold love might see no love returned and/or might really hurt at times, but do go love people .. yes like you’re tryin’ to win the love-Olympics !!! Like you’re tryin’ to win em over to what’s most-best and amazing for each of them . No hidden motives . Let’s allow God to grow his agape love in us, so that we can love others the way He loves us. The Bible says, ‘There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear.’ Let your love be daily directed .. Why not–there are so many needy? If you were in a crowd of ten thousand hungry  in India, go feed who you can if you have not enough for em all . Do what you can and God will give you more than you have and will help you 'can more’–expect grace moments!

Gather .. Stack em on the table–all phones and digital devices . Turn off other stuff . Pray a simple prayer together . Find an easy to read bible and dramatically read injecting excitement where that’s found . Ask good questions . wait . hear . apply it with love . Expect those in your home to grow . Generally, speakin' it’s the marriage and fam that prays together that stays together . yup, pray candidly short in public and longer in private . what to include...

Devotions together can include many activities, but it is important to include at least these three:
1.      Reading from God’s Word--the Bible
2.      Discussion and Teaching
3.      Prayer


When you want to talk with your best friend, do you call or text or mail a letter to your non-best-friend? No! That'd be way dumb. Why? Cuz you don't want it messed up--the communication and warmth of friendship. You want the info and tone most accurate and direct. Well, it's the same with God's love letter to the Christian, it's just better to go to the source of all Authority. The Bible is an exciting book! It is filled with interesting true stories of God’s heroes and love. Its filled up with down-to-earth good advice, with spiritual insight on how to apply truth, and with the plan of salvation. You can get right with God today, right where you are. Reading the Bible is the primary way by which God communicates to His kids today. And praying biblically is the main way that we can see all of our needs get met. It is by faith we see em get met. It's essential, therefore, that we feed upon God’s Word regularly . Lots of people today say they are "spiritual" and growing but the truth is that there is no real spiritual growth apart from the Word of God .

Women talk . Men beard .. sometimes. Believers worship and then witness . They be it, they give it . Live it , tell it . Know that well-led families can grow . Prepare now . Spiritually compromise not ... yes, commit now to live honestly before the Lord and not to go live a double life ... opting to balance His grace and truth . It's good to be exampling this marriage of the both in your family . yes, exhibiting personal discipline and self control in your life . Don’t push or drive like a rancher, lead like a gentle shepherd ... like the chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ . ask Him for help often . inquire . wait on Him . get counsel from His Holy Spirit .. by faith, help those in your family start to walk in grace .... yes, to "grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen."
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