Sunday, August 30, 2015

What? AWOL! Pete, how could you split?

Where did you bolt to? 
Have you been gearin’ up to one day be doin’ some fast persuadin’ of Pete at the gate on the basis of good deeds done? Oh, but look who ain’t at the gate. Off duty.. away from the Pearly Tor? Called off? Where did Mr. Impetious ditch to? 

“It had a great, high wall with twelve gates and with twelve angels at the gates.” Revelation 21:12

Tell em.. none can earn it. No persuading of saint Peter for entrance..halo floatin’ there over his 60’s hairstyle. Come as you are willing to be changed. Today. Right now. Turn from sin to God. There’s no need for you to clean up your life first, to clean up your deeds before you come to Jesus for His forgiveness. There is a need for repentance and faith, but there's really not a need for what you and I can do good to earn our way in for eternal life. None have pulled that off, and none in the future will. 

We've all sinned and that has gottin' in the way, but we can deal with it in Christ. 

I often hear.. ‘Man, I’m so lonely inside,’ but methinks you (and your BFFs) are not primarily lonely for a mere flawed human. You are lonely for a tight relationship with God.. through Christ His sinless Son!  

Only two choices for each of us...not three, not one, no reincarnation, sorry.. no second chance to persuade or get saved postmortem (after death). Just two.. trust Christ as Savior, or put it off (rejecting Him and His Cross). born twice (see John 3) or born only once. Heaven or Hell, with Jesus for all eternity or with Mr. Lu-Cifer (the devil and one third of the angels that fell due to pride and rebellion), smoking or non-smoking! 

How will you have it be? Please make your reservations in advance... for your spot in a real place called heaven. Must be made in advance.  

“For no one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands. The law simply shows us how sinful we are.” Romans 3:20 (But, how do I respond, Kurt?)

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