Monday, July 13, 2015

Have a habit aggressively and constantly feeding some things while starving-out others.

Bad habits only stay alive if you keep feeding em. Feed your faith, not your doubts or your old fleshly nature that tells ya to do what it tells you to do.

Too many people think, but if I just feed my old nature It’ll finally be satisfied and then leave me alone. Nope false. 

It’ll just get hungrier than ever ..for what’s bad for ya. More dissatisfied.. then your old nature will stomp, hit it’s fists on the ground just like a three year old, and It’ll demand far more sinnin’ from you. And tomorrow it’ll demand much tomorrow. No peace. So starve it to death. Choose to hate sin instead. It’s what destroys people. Feed your spirit with what’s edifying instead--prayerfully spreading the Gospel is really edifying. 
Listen, it’s the living Word satisfies! That's Jesus. He gives Life during this life and beyond. I’ve found that when I go hard on my old demandin’ nature, life just goes easier on me and those I really love
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