Sunday, June 21, 2015

You've got a Father who knows, understands and loves you, but having authority issues inside just won’t help you advance outside.

I live in Texas where I hear people not from here tell me that they now don't hate their former President as much as they used to hate him. 
Okeee.. I say. It’s actually kind of funny to hear em say that and I know that Pres W. Bush made some mistakes, but come on. That was then and this is now. 
I think I know why these people feel this way. Sure, he's not in a position of authority over them anymore and the very left leanin’ mainstream media is also no longer trashing him daily cuz of that.
But you’ve noticed that our nation like other Lands ..has some authority issues. Many people here have heard lies mixed with truth and now they just hate the police today. Why is that? Well, primarily it’s because of an old don’t rule of me kind of nature inside, and because these law enforcement personnel are now in authority. 
I rarely want to use the “R” term because I don’t know people’s inner hearts like God does. But think about it.. everything that flawed authorities do, that is indeed their duty to do even when they show restraint.. is highly exaggerated in the perception of “the rebel.”
Hey, I too was a rebel for years so I can fully relate. Still wrestle with this stuff from time to time too, but now am very grateful for my dad, for the police, for teachers, for bosses etc. And I’m thankful for those years of balanced discipline too. My dad would utilize and display loving, decisive, wise discipline for my siblings and I. Sure he loved and loves us all the same but would keep his promises and have appropriate consequences when we rebelled against his clear rules and authority. We all knew it was for our safety and betterment. 
It’s Father’s Day today and I'm feeling way thankful for my dad that has always had the wisdom to be a hard worker. He was a good provider, and faithful in our family. I thank my heavenly Father for Him. 

“My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline and do not resent his rebuke, because the Lord disciplines those He loves, as a father the son He delights in.” Proverbs 3:11-12

My dad would always start his day off with God alone in prayer and in the Bible. Thanks dad. 
My dad still loves my mom and has shown this for over half a century together. He has no entitlement attitude, and just wouldn’t compromise spiritually.. to go do wrong for anyone. He is not religious, he is humble and he is real. A man’s man--never flaky, fickle, wimpy, or chick-ified. Never a poser. 
My dad has had and today still has very keen insight in regards to the nature of man, family, and even world or national affairs. He was disliked by some for drinking sins from half a century ago, but I don’t know too many that didn’t have those. Today he is clean, a strong intelligent leader--God makes him strong and uses him to win souls into the Kingdom. 
Yes, my dad is sober and clear minded in more ways than one. Wanna brag on God and then on my dad some too. God is the best Rock, but my dad has been like a rock of sorts, and does not move left or off track due to the pressure from people. There was always someone trying to move him off-base towards what's wrong, but he wouldn’t give in. He has been generous and very hospitable for many decades. He has good advice. He loves following Christ and that has been the key thing with him for so many years too. God has made him calm, gentle, content, and steady in His strong grace. Happy Father’s Day dad! We love you. 
Come to God on His terms. Listen, if you have a dad or have not known your dad, please allow God your Father who does know you ..teach you how to love and pray for all those in authority over you.. instead of being out to oppose or harm them. (Blog)

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