Friday, June 26, 2015

If you worship and in love evangelize for Christ.. yes, if you do something really good, guess what.. you’ll soon have opposition.

What will they do at first when you start to act challenging the corruption n status quo? I’ll tell you.. they’ll try to slow, impede, and distract you. They’ll doubt your motives n ask you why you’re doing it? Later, they’ll still wonder about your motives n ask you how you did it! 

If you get the chance just prayerfully tell the corrupt person about Christ and His Gospel. Give them a chance to get right with God right there on the spot. Why? Well, they need to repent and believe God. They need more than anything.. to stop what they are doing wrong and be regenerated cuz this gets to the heart of the issue.

The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart.

Ignore the lies of the twisted and tainted. “They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he (or she) is enslaved.” 2 Peter 2:19

Leadership, and who is it over you during these last of the last days (you know you are living during your last days huh), is so important. Way too much evil is happening all around us today. Too many innocent people are being beheaded. 

The best way to combat error and wrong around us individually or corporately.. is to overcome it by living and telling the truth. By doing what's right in the power of the Holy Spirit. And the way for a group to change all the corruption in very high (DC), in very low, or in very middle level places around them is to live 100 percent for Christ, to live and spread His good Message. Yes, to get right with God first--you've heard it before "gettin' that log out of the eye, before out of their eye." Hey, my nation (the USA) really needs a spiritual awakening today.. a Christian rather than a mere religious one, a biblical revival instead of a so called TV revival. We need to unify with a decent leader who is uncorrupted inside their mind and heart, one who appropriately and constantly challenges the status quo--what's wrong here.

It's a sad day for the church in America today. You and I are not surprised, but today the U.S. Surpemes approved same-sex marriage in all 50 States...

..which means it will now be open-season for lawsuits against Christian-owned companies and local churches across the Land. Any gay couple (that we of course all need to continue to show love towards..) can now march into any church anywhere here, and demand to have their wedding there, and then there will be huge legal pressure put on the pastors to compromise what God has clearly told them.. told us all. It's so wrong. Guess what, it's become a day for Civil Disobedience when the Judges, the political leaders, the State commands Christians to disobey the clear teachings of the Bible. 

Oh, Christians will of course go on worshiping their Lord whole-heartedly, learning from the Bible to wisely apply it, and even as an outgrowth of Christ's strength and joy in them.. be boldly spreading their faith. We should and need to honor the Lord. He never quit, but I also know that many local Christian churches already live on the razor's edge financially (they are never to give an over emphasis to people giving support) so it would obviously appear to me that countless local churches soon won't be there happening as they did before. Will it get more like the Church in China here?
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