Monday, June 22, 2015

Fight right, not uptight. Shine bright.

You be like a full-on spiritual battle. Yup, it started on the day of your inner-regeneration, Christian. Mr. Lu-Cifer doesn't really like ya much. Hates and wants to kill you--don't let him.

Your contending, your fight.. it began on the day of your turning and trusting in Jesus.. on your so called conversion day.. and it will rage on until the time that you are outta here, split, bolt, exit stage left..I mean upwards.. yes, that awesome moment when we go to Heaven. Might be in the Rapture soon. You're gunna like it gobs! No more trials or temptations there. Yay! How cool will that be. So put up your dukes if ya will, and fight the good fight of faith in the Spirit. Not punching people out. You ain't there in heaven yet and your duty is to help others get there with you. So fight right, not all uptight out in the night, not in the flesh - a horrible plight.

And go tell someone about Jesus who fights for us. 
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