Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The music never stops. I can hear it every single day. May it never cease in your life. BTW Guess who it is that pipes it in?

Yup, Jesus does.. when ya know n walk with Him.

What I like about Christ...
He is completely good,
completely just,
completely man,
completely creative,
completely God,
completely holy,
completely UBER-AMAZING, 

completely awesome.. even when our language is so radically limited and the joy is there but we use words like these completely too often. yup, i  l i k e  how He’s…
completely loving,
completely pure,
completely wise,
completely perfect,
and He's completely for you!

He's never been part, half, or mostly any of the above.

know the way well, go that way well, and show the way well. why go all sick inside when you can be all well inside? and take some people with you.. even if it takes longer than it normally would. and it will, but help em be well. if you're sick on the inside or outside, i'd love to pray for you. absolutely, cuz i know who can fix all that - he's always been well. "..and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power." 2/10col. 
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